Vicious wiki case: a number of police officers involved in the concoction of unjust cases were prosecuted Sentenced persons released from prison continued to be monitored

In a new development in the highly publicized “Vulgar Wiki” case, a group of police officers suspected of fabricating unjust cases and extracting confessions through torture have reportedly been held accountable, but the news is still being blocked. In addition, the 24 sentenced website personnel, eight more will be released from prison this month, but will continue to be monitored by the state security, it is difficult to get real freedom.

The “Vulgar Wiki” case has received widespread attention because of the leak of personal information about Xi Jinping’s family members, which led to the arrest of 24 young people and the torture of them to extract confessions. We have received information that after the five juvenile prisoners in the case were released in May this year, eight more will be released from prison this month and are currently going through the process of release. According to sources, Fu Yifan was released on Monday (19), while Hu Jiantao and CC will be released on Tuesday (20), and several families are currently traveling to Guangdong accompanied by the State Security. The families have been interviewed and threatened by the State Security, which forced them to return to their home country immediately after receiving their released children, and required them to report to the Public Security Bureau every day under the pretext of psychological counseling.

The mother of Zhang Shengxiang, who will be released from prison on Sunday (25), confirmed to the station that the local state security guards will go to Guangdong with her to “pick him up. She is worried that her child will be transferred from a small prison to a “big prison.

Zhang Shengxiang’s mother said: our child 25 (released from prison), the child to the day, our local state security and I contacted, they went together to pick up the child to go. He said, you do not go so many people, and then when the child’s face to hand over. I gave a call to the Mao Ming that network supervision brigade, I said I want to take the computer and other things, ID cards are back, to determine whether to give the computer ah, and now did not give me a call back. I don’t even know what law my child has committed, and now I have no verdict, my son’s two years of youth, completely ruined!

In addition, we learned that since May this year, more than ten people involved in the “vulgar wiki” case of the Guangdong Maoming public security system were arrested, including Maonan Internet Police Brigade leader Yang Guangyao, Maoming Public Security Bureau deputy director Li Tuhua, Guangdong Provincial Political and Legal Committee deputy secretary Jiang Kaixin and other successive fall. The position of Li Chunsheng, director of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau, was also replaced by Wang Zhizhong, vice governor of Guangdong Province. However, there is no official notification of the news for the time being.

We have repeatedly called the cell phone of the new chief of the Maonan Internet Police Brigade, surnamed Su, who replaced Yang Guangyao, but was directly hung up. The phone number of the Maonan Internet Police Brigade was also unavailable.

The mother of Niu Tengyu, the main culprit in the case, said her family saw the fall of some police officers and people in the political and legal system who had fabricated the unjust case, and felt that the case seemed to have the dawn of vindication, and she hoped that the state would start a mechanism to correct the mistakes as soon as possible, so that the young people framed would be released as soon as possible.

Niu Tengyu’s mother Coco said: these children will come out, finally they wait for the day of freedom, and I am most worried is Niu Tengyu sentenced to 14 years, which is far away, so ruined his life, people’s youth can not start again. I listened to my family, online exposure, the state is now more serious about this case, like it this case is full of loopholes, the best thing they can do is to return the innocence of these children, completely overturned the case, acquitted Niu Teng Yu! This case has become a major international case, if not corrected, will seriously affect the image of the country and its leaders.

According to Bao Longjun, Niu Tengyu’s defense lawyer for the second trial, it seems that the authorities only want to use a “scapegoat” in this case to quell public pressure, and have not started the process of correcting and holding accountable all the public, prosecutorial and legal officials who participated in the torture and the wrongful conviction in the whole case.

Bao Longjun said: They want to find some scapegoats to calm the international influence, but in doing so, it has not demonstrated its judicial credibility. It should immediately implement a mechanism to correct mistakes, and investigate the investigators who carried out illegal torture or other personnel should be prosecuted according to the law; for Niu Tengyu, after the retrial, it was determined that he was innocent, should immediately release Niu Tengyu and make state compensation.

When the personal information of Xi Jinping’s daughter Xi Mingze and brother-in-law Deng Jiagui was exposed on an offshore website in May 2019, the Guangdong Maoming Maonan Internet Police Brigade, a member of the task force, arrested 24 people from the “Vulgar Wiki” network in mainland China, and according to the parents and lawyers of those arrested, the police used torture to force them to confess.

The 24 young men were sentenced in December of the following year. One of them, Niu Tengyu, a 20-year-old wiki operator, was charged with being the main culprit and received a harsh 14-year sentence. On April 23, the court upheld the verdict of the second trial, which was held in secret.