“Restoration of Hong Kong, Revolution of the Times” spreads around the world

Hong Kong director Chow Koon-wai’s long documentary “Revolution of the Times” was screened at the Cannes Film Festival at the last moment before the end of the festival, which was a perfect ending of the Hong Kong anti-China movement. The history of the contemporary world will forever be marked by the glorious trail of Hong Kong people.

In interviews with different media, director Chow Koon-wai emphasized his desire to record every important event of the movement and, more importantly, to record the people of the moment, those who participated in peaceful demonstrations and masked resistance to violence in Hong Kong.

The movement against sending China can happen in many countries, but happening in Hong Kong is different from happening in other countries. It has some unique forms of resistance created by Hong Kong people, and has a unique style of Hong Kong people, and we are facing the Chinese Communist Party, which is also the strongest and most brutal regime in the contemporary world.

Revolution of the Times documents the whole process of the anti-Send-China movement, which helps people from different countries and cultures to understand the ups and downs of this movement and the interaction between the government and the people in it. How the desire for democracy and freedom awakened ordinary citizens, and how the dictatorial regime ferociously suppressed the voices of the people; how Hong Kong people fought for their rights, and how the Hong Kong government degenerated from an open and civilized government to an accomplice of the dictatorial regime; how the Chinese Communist Party went against the tide of the times, and how the true face of the tyranny exposed itself.

Of course, without Zhou Guanwei’s film, the countless written and visual materials of the anti-China movement would have been scattered around the world, but because the materials are fragmented, it is not easy for foreigners to reorganize the movement from the various fragmented materials. Zhou Guanwei’s contribution is that through his film, it is easy for outsiders to see the whole picture of the movement, to understand its context, its causes and consequences, and to have a deeper understanding of the demands of the movement, the conflict between the government and the people, and the historical significance of the movement as a whole.

After the film is released in Cannes, it will certainly attract a lot of attention from people all over the world. Many people have previously learned about the movement through news reports, but now there is a two-hour film that focuses on the whole movement as well as the flesh and blood of individuals.

Today, the Chinese Communist Party is notorious in countries around the world, especially in the West, and the public in the West generally has a 60% or higher dislike for the Chinese Communist Party. After “Revolution of the Times” has been watched by more viewers from different countries, they will have a deeper understanding of the nature of the Chinese Communist Party, and there will be no way for the Chinese Communist Party to rely on any big foreign propaganda to deceive foreign governments and people. Simply, if you can turn a free Hong Kong into a hell on earth, then how you can gain sympathy, how to play the good and rational, are all in vain, the facts are all there, the lies will not be broken.

Some friends worry about the safety of Zhou Guanwei and his family and hope they will leave Hong Kong as soon as possible to avoid the liquidation of the Chinese Communist Party and the Hong Kong Communist Party. The conversation between father and son about whether to leave Hong Kong has been circulated on the Internet. It is clear that the family has given the matter careful consideration, and we should certainly respect their choice. Zhou Guanwei told reporters: “If fear is contagious, I hope courage is contagious too. That’s a good point! In such a gloomy day, what we need is not to transmit fear to each other, but to cheer each other on, to inspire each other, to gain insight into the weakness and timidity of the Chinese Communist Party and its dying struggle, and to hear the voices of justice from all over the world that are anxious and appealing for and in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong.

Historical justice may be late, but it will not never come.

In the face of the harsh reality, there are many things that cannot be done, and there is no need to automatically “give away” the head. Even if you do not do anything, is a belief in the heart, with the same voice around each other warm, even if you say a word, make a wink, show an expression, as long as the insignificant persistence, can make us maintain optimistic expectations for the future, that is enough.

It is enough that he did what he wanted to do for Hong Kong within the scope of his profession. Everyone is like him, doing what they can do, trying to protect themselves, resisting the tangible and intangible oppression of the Chinese Communist Party, letting them know that Hong Kong people have not succumbed, making their life less difficult, that is enough.

No matter how the situation develops, no matter how long the Chinese Communist Party can endure, with Zhou Guanwei’s “Revolution of the Times”, it is impossible for the Chinese Communist Party to falsify the history of Hong Kong’s “reunification”, and they will always stand in the dock of history.

Whenever the Chinese Communist Party sees the words “the restoration of Hong Kong and the revolution of the times”, they will be in a cold sweat. The court is trying to achieve despicable political objectives. Unfortunately, these eight words have already spread all over the world, and the Chinese Communist Party cannot eradicate this slogan, but will only bear serious political consequences because of its repulsive face.

I would like to say to Zhou Guanwei: I am also infected by your courage! You use your images, I use my words, let us both persevere and never give up. There are still long days ahead for Chow Koon-Wai, the spirit of Hong Kong people is still alive, and our hope will always be there!