Three Families Waiting: The Missing Child

Three mothers who are still looking for their children, from left Zeng Wenying (Yang Lihui’s mother), Li Lanhua (Li Jiahua’s mother), Chen Wanshui (Xu Wenping’s mother)

Getting up at 3 a.m. and going to bed at 11 p.m. every day, Xu Yutang, 52, and his wife have been selling pork for more than 20 years at a stall in the Zhangyang market in Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. In addition to making a living, the couple’s perseverance has a special reason.

In Xu’s stall, there is a search notice – looking for a child lost in the Changyang market 19 years ago. According to Xu Yutang, he and two other relatives sold pork together in Changyang market in the early years, and early in the morning of June 28, 2002, his 5-year-old daughter Xu Wenping and his daughter’s 6-year-old cousin Li Jiahua and 5-year-old cousin Xu Moude disappeared together while playing in Changyang market. Previously, in December 1997, the 2-year-old son Yang Lihui of the Zeng Wenying family, who also sells vegetables at the Changyang market, also disappeared.

The reporter interviewed and learned that in September 2019, Xu Moude was successfully recovered and then left Changyang Market with his biological parents. The remaining three families, who have been staying in the Changyang market to do business, waiting for the return of the three children.

“Always feel that they will remember this place, we will not leave here. “Xu Yutang said.

Every year, Xu Yutang and other people will go to the local public security department to ask, to see if there are clues. July 12, Zhangyang police station, a police officer replied to reporters, said the case has a special police officer responsible for follow-up, the police have been trying to find people.

Three children missing on the same day, one has been found

Xu Yutang and his wife Chen Wanshui are from Wuhua County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province. 1999, the couple brought their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Xu Wenping to the Zhangyang market in Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City to sell pork. Xu Yutang told reporters that at that time, the same stall in the Changyang market to sell pork, there are two other couples, are his relatives.

Xu Yutang said, three families are in a vegetable market stall, the morning is busy, adults busy doing business, three families of children in the vegetable market to play together. However, on the same day, the three children are missing.

Lost son of Li Shao to the reporter recalled that the morning of June 28, 2002, he was a little unwell, lying at home to rest, his wife Li Lanhua out of the stall alone busy work. That day, 5-year-old Xu Wenping and her 6-year-old cousin Li Jiahua and 5-year-old cousin Xu Moude playing in the vegetable market. By 8:00 a.m., Li Shaofang did not wait for his son Li Jiahua to come home for dinner, to the vegetable market to find, not found. At this point, the adults realized that the three children were missing

After a fruitless search around the market, the three families called the police for help. Xu Yutang said that summer of 2002, the three families closed the pork stalls, looking for children everywhere, have been to Huizhou, Guangzhou and other places, “as long as there is a call to say where to see, or a little The clues, will immediately go over to find”. They have also encountered scammers, the other side said first pay money, and then tell him where the child, slowly fraudulent calls are rarely received.

The reporter interviewed that there is another child lost in the Changyang market. Zeng Wenying also sells vegetables in Zhangyang market, her son Yang Lihui was lost in Zhangyang market on December 27, 1997. Yang Lihui was only two and a half years old when he was lost.

On the morning of December 27, 1997, Zeng Wenying was busy selling vegetables at her stall and her 2-year-old son Yang Lihui was playing with his 4-year-old brother in the market when a woman gave the two brothers some fruit and then took Yang Lihui away from his brother. Since then, Yang Lihui has not been heard from at all. In the following six months, Zeng Wenying closed the stall, and her husband went to Dongguan Tangxia, Fenggang, as well as Huizhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shaoguan and other places to find, all to no avail.

Similar experiences brought the four families together, and they decided to stay at the vegetable market in the hope that one day they could wait for their children to return.

“We will not leave “

Post a search notice, send family news online, to look for …… years, all kinds of methods have been tried, but the whereabouts of the four children, no clues. Xu Yutang said, they went to the public security record DNA are recorded several times.

In September 2019, the good news finally came, has been lost for 17 years Xu Moude was found.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily previously reported, that year, after the lost Xu Moude was adopted by a family in Chaoshan, in his teens to work in Henan, because the local police station left their own DNA samples, it happens to be a successful DNA match with their biological parents.

After learning that Xu Moude was found, Xu Yutang and Li Shaofang rushed to inquire about the situation. Xu Yutang told reporters that they had asked Xu Moude, but because of the age of 7 years old, had a high fever, lost when young, Xu Moude does not remember what happened when he was a child, do not remember that year and he played together with Xu Wenping and Li Jiahua, also do not remember who took them away.

After Xu Moude was found, his biological parents left the Changyang market and went to the next town to open a small supermarket. The reporter contacted Xu Moude’s biological parents, the other side politely declined the interview.

The three families who did not succeed in finding their relatives remained in Zhangyang market. Xu Yutang and Li Shaofang both told reporters that they are now incapable of looking for their children everywhere as before, one is their age, and the other is that they do not know where to look.

Zeng Wenying clearly remembered that his son Yang Lihui was carried away with an engraved “smart and clever “The word silver bracelet,” the son was wearing a long-sleeved orange sweater, grass green pants and A pair of shoes”.

Li Shaofang is 54 years old, the waist often pain, often to take antihypertensive drugs, but still adhere to the stall every day. He said he added three people looking for the group, “which are the relatives of lost children and help to find the volunteers, the group has a local, but also foreign. “As long as the stall business is not busy, he will look at the news in the group: who’s child found, how the child is now, did not find the child and where to find … … When reading these messages, he felt he had found some comfort and hope.

“Always feel that they will remember this place, we will not leave here. “In 2017, Xu Yutang suffered a stroke and has not been in good health. When asked if he had imagined what his child would look like now, he was a bit silent and only choked up, “She should be 24 now “.

Xu Yutang’s wife, Chen Wanshui, said his daughter Xu Wenping, whose maiden name is Mi Gu, “has two dimples, naughty, fell over a scar on his head. Missing when wearing a red and white plaid top and pink pants. Like to eat fruit, do not like to eat fatty meat. “