Chen Guangcheng: Lawyer Gao Zhisheng’s life and death are still uncertain. Four more weeks to four years

The three-day Global Congress on Religious Freedom in Washington, D.C., has just come to an end, and one of the key themes of this year’s conference was the persecution of religious freedom and human rights by the Chinese Communist regime, especially its destructive impact on the civilized order of the free world, which was the focus of much discussion in every session of the conference. It is clear that this is getting closer to becoming a consensus among people from all walks of life. In previous years, few Taiwanese living in the United States attended the Global Religious Freedom Conference, but this year many came, a commendable event both in terms of the hope and the opportunity they saw.

When attendees spoke about the human rights persecution carried out by the Chinese Communist Party in China, many of us mentioned lawyer Zhisheng Gao, who was abducted and disappeared by the Chinese Communist tyranny on August 13, 2017. In four weeks, it will be exactly four years since lawyer Gao was disappeared. Where was he abducted by the Chinese Communist Party and held for persecution? His family and the outside world do not know anything about him, and his fate is still unknown. It is chilling to think of being held for years in a black prison that is many times more evil than a prison. People who have never been persecuted by the CCP can hardly imagine this. However, for human rights lawyers, human rights activists and awakened citizens who have been imprisoned, kidnapped and disappeared, or placed under so-called “residential surveillance” by the CCP, they understand the horror of being tortured at will by the communist henchmen at any time. Look at the previous article “Black Night, Black Headgear, Gangster Abduction” written by lawyer Gao, and think about the four years of solitary confinement in prison, and then the four years in the devil’s den ……, can lawyer Gao Zhisheng’s flesh and blood support to come out alive? I really do not dare to continue to think!

Since 2005, Zhisheng Gao, Feixiong Guo and I have been persecuted by the Chinese Communist authorities almost simultaneously. For more than ten years, not only have we been subjected to inhuman persecution by the Chinese Communist Party, but our families have also been living in constant tension and fear. We are still living in a state of worry, anxiety, and even fear for Mr. Gao’s family, and we don’t know when it will end.

It will be four years soon! We strongly appeal to the international community of democratic countries not to forget that Mr. Gao is still being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. For Lawyer Gao in the black prison, it is not only a day like a year, but also a minute like a second. Here, I urge friends from all walks of life with conscience to take further action and make every effort to find the whereabouts of lawyer Gao Zhisheng, so that he can regain his freedom as soon as possible, be reunited with his family and live a normal life.