The chief of the special train sea election waiter high official beauty special when to rest

In the context of universal reverence for power, Shaanxi North Central Railway College student Zhou Junrui was selected as the head of the special train crew, which has become the subject of high-profile school announcements and students’ pursuit. (Shaanxi North Central Railway College release/photo date unknown)

Once again, the news of the national head train recruitment into the spotlight, it is said that this is another by-election after the recruitment of head train crew by the China Railway Corporation in 2020.

The recruitment conditions are still 18 to 21 years old, female, requiring a good image quality, standard Mandarin, and a beautiful voice, which translates to good looks plus a sweet voice.

As in previous years, the country’s 15 railroad bureaus are fully committed, the country’s railroad and aviation vocational colleges and universities up and down tend to be alive, lively and serious, but the number of recruits is less than 20 people. Its breakout difficulty exceeds that of Tsinghua and Peking University.

In fact, over the years, the Railway Corporation, including its predecessor, the Ministry of Railways, from its inception almost every year after the selection of special train attendants for the heads of the central government, and has continued to Xi Jinping’s “new era”. In recent years, it is a variety of moths flying around, local officials, railroad officials, and even the head of vocational schools, are mooching from it.

For example, including Nanning, Chengdu and other local railroad bureau bosses, more than once to what aviation vocational college for the head of the first gate-keeping. As for the head of the special train crew, it has become the school and local government and railway agencies baby, some provincial and municipal officials, will also find the opportunity to visit the selected crew home, as a tribute to the leadership of the battle.

The occupation does not distinguish between noble and lowly, the cabin crew can be favored by officials, it seems to be respect for the bottom laborers. But I accidentally hand shake, I saw the Beijing Railway Bureau, Chengdu Railway Bureau employees, Zhengzhou train drivers to defend their rights were quickly suppressed news. They also defended their rights simply because the pay was so low that it was difficult to support their families.

All are railroad workers, why railroad different pay? Take a look at the objects they each serve and you’ll basically understand.

Can become a special train passengers, must be the vice state level or above, for example, the vice president of the state, the deputy director of the National People’s Congress, or even the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference such institutions with drinking covered bowl of tea, even the deputy is not qualified to sit in the special train. China has an old saying, the prime minister door boy four officials. Those who can ride on the head of the special train attendants, instantly able to step up to the top.

For example, the head of the special train, there is a female stewardess named Zhang Yufeng, because of Mao Zedong’s favorite, upgraded to Mao Zedong’s life secretary, once almost became a member of the Politburo. As for the decades of erotic stories about her and Mao Zedong, I have no evidence, I do not comment.

But from the Yan’an period of high cadres to marry young wives of the party’s sexual special precedent, this is not empty talk.

According to common sense this is a shameless old rascal to eat young grass, but in the party’s logic, it is the romantic feelings of proletarian revolutionaries. Have some face, okay?

So, from the party’s old rascals generally eat young grass, we can clearly see the internal logic of the head of the special train, the main function of the head of the special train crew, is to make the head of the head of the delight of the eyes. The local and railroad heads are concerned that they make the head physically and mentally happy, perhaps handily reward themselves with a bigger hat.

In fact, not only the railroad needs the head of the special attendants, the Great Hall of the People, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Zhongnanhai, have the head of the special service team, but also a clear beauty, low eyebrows, but also must be the style of the woman, and without exception, from all over the country, after layers of harsh screening, political review, and finally only one in a million into the job.

Years ago, I also know a passed the preliminary selection, to Beijing to participate in the “head of the service” of vocational secondary school girls, said that one of the same as the stewardess interview, the applicant to wear a bikini for the examiners to select one by one, the name said to check the whole body without tattoos and scars.

This makes me wonder, who is in the way of the scars on the body? The head of the service to let them naked?

The chief is also a human being, and an old man. Right?

This reminds me of the feudal emperor’s talent show, which required that the women must be auburn hair, cicada sideburns, bright eyes, vermilion lips, white teeth, jade fingers and arms, thin waist and snow skin, and fragrant limbs.

Although it has been 109 years since the Chinese nominally ousted the emperor, these sets of imperial privileges have not disappeared at all. But the sad thing is that these girls and their parents, who went through all sorts of tormenting, even humiliating, scrutiny to be selected, do not find it a humiliation.

For example, when Zhou Junrui, a student at a railway college in Shaanxi, was selected in 2013, the whole school banged gongs and drums to send her off, and two years later, she was invited back to school to give a high-profile presentation to her younger siblings, all showing that they take it as a great honor to be the maid who makes the head comfortable.

Under the harsh reality that social curing has become the norm, and even the civilian children of Peking University and Tsinghua University have no way to break out, it seems we can’t give a finger to their submission and catering.

But I still want to remind Zhou Junrui, do you know the whereabouts of Bo Xilai’s confidante, the former Dalian TV anchorwoman Zhang Weijie, and the famous singer Tang Can? Over the years, I have been trying to find them for a chat.