State-owned enterprises and Hong Kong officials dinner scandal related rape case accused Evergrande Chen Fen arraignment

The Evergrande dinner scandal involving three Hong Kong security chiefs had a new development on Monday (19). Earlier, the Hong Kong media accused the case of attempted rape, one of the members of the dinner party, Evergrande Group senior Chen Fen, arraignment in the Eastern Magistrates’ Court.

The prosecution intends to send the case to the High Court, but the defense requested a preliminary hearing before being referred to the High Court. Magistrate Wong Wai-yu adjourned the case to next Friday (30th) for a preliminary hearing. Chen Fen continued to be released on bail on the original conditions, including $100,000 bail, reporting to the police station for two days a week and not being allowed to leave Hong Kong while awaiting trial.

After the court session, Chen Fen was surrounded by a large number of media when he appeared in court. Reporters asked the defendant in Cantonese and Mandarin, “Are you a senior official of Evergrande”, “Why did you invite senior officials to the dinner party” and “Who did you attend the dinner party with on the day of the crime? The defendant did not respond to whether he attended the dinner in Wanchai and with whom he attended, and he quickly boarded a private car with a Hong Kong-China license plate and left.

Deputy Secretary for Security Au Chi-kwong, Director of Immigration Au Ka-hung and Commissioner of Customs and Excise Tang Yi-hai and other nine people, in March this year to participate in a high-class private club dinner, in violation of the gathering restrictions. According to a report in Ming Pao, the defendant in the attempted rape case, Chen Fen, was present at the dinner.