Raging wildfires ravage western U.S. and Canada High temperatures and drought exacerbate fires

Multiple fires like a prairie fire ravaging the western United States and Canada, coupled with rising temperatures and drought fueling the fires, more than a million acres of land in the area today into the sea of fire, and can not see the fires have slowed down signs.

Local officials pointed out that, as several fires continue to burn, a large area of California into the red alert. Among them, the “River Fire” (River Fire) still can not be controlled, the fire burning close to Yosemite National Park (Yosemite National Park).

Firefighters are also concerned about the spread of the Dixie Fire, which continues to burn northward.

Last year’s wildfire was one of the worst in California’s contemporary history, but this year it may be about to break last year’s record.

Neighboring Oregon is the worst disaster, because of dry weather and strong winds to push the waves, the territory of the “Bootleg Fire” (Bootleg Fire) has swallowed more than 221,758 acres (about 86,000 hectares) of land, equivalent to 120,000 soccer fields, many local residents were forced to evacuate.

Local authorities said the western border of Canada’s forest fires are also burning, western Canada is recently hit by an unprecedented heat wave, at least 35 new fires in the past two days.

Weather forecasters say experts believe the heat wave is intensifying due to global warming and temperatures are expected to remain high in the coming days.