Pence: Communist China is becoming an “evil empire” and a greater threat than the former Soviet Union

Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence warned Wednesday (14) that China is becoming an “evil empire” that poses a greater threat to the United States than the Soviet Union did during the Cold War.

In a speech at the Heritage Foundation think tank, Pence noted, “China may not yet be an evil empire, but it’s trying to move toward it every day.” He argued that “in many ways, communist China poses a greater challenge to the United States than the Soviet Union did during the entire Cold War.” Pence reiterated that “Communist China is the greatest threat to our prosperity, security and values on the planet.”

Pence also touched on the issue of Hong Kong and the founder of Hong Kong’s Next Media, Lai Chi-ying, who is now serving a prison sentence. He said, “For decades Beijing promised Hong Kong to maintain a free city under ‘one country, two systems,’ but my friend Lai Chi-ying is now emaciated and in prison simply for exercising his freedom of speech and supporting peaceful demonstrations, and times have changed.”

Pence urged current U.S. President Joe Biden to confront China “more forcefully” on several fronts. He noted that the Biden administration should not “turn the other cheek” with China, but should demand that Beijing “come clean on the source of the coronavirus.

He called on the current U.S. government to introduce policies to reduce imports from China, and to decouple the United States from China in industries considered vital to national security.

Pence stressed the need for Washington to strengthen its economic ties with Taiwan. He said, “Now is a perfect time to negotiate a trade agreement with Taiwan that will benefit both the U.S. and Taiwan, while allowing Taiwan to remain strong and secure.” Pence added, “Engaging Taiwan can also serve as an inspiration to other free nations to follow suit, thereby enhancing stability and peace throughout the region.”

As for the 2022 Winter Olympics coming to Beijing, Pence even said that the Biden administration should demand that the 2022 Winter Olympics not be held in Beijing until China has accounted for the source of the new crown epidemic and addressed the issue of human rights for the Uighurs.

Pence also called on the United States to take an aggressive stance to prevent China from establishing military bases in the Western Hemisphere. Pence said, “The president must make clear that the Western Hemisphere is a no-go zone for China’s neocolonialism.”