War Wolf CCP puts Chinese in crisis of being attacked

In recent years, everyone has used the term “war wolf diplomacy” to describe the rhetoric of diplomatic tendencies that move to lash out at other countries, however, the so-called “war wolf” actually does not only lie in diplomacy, but “war wolf” is It is a state of mind that generates a strong will power to dominate everything. The “war wolf” is a mentality that generates a strong will power to dominate everything. The Chinese Communist Party has used the “Asian Investment Bank” and the “Belt and Road” to expand indiscriminately, and has used the “China model” to induce relatively backward countries to raise large amounts of debt to China in order to carry out the so-called “economic development”. “However, these countries simply do not have enough capacity to develop their economies, and they build a lot of useless infrastructure, which does not produce much economic benefit. The Malaysian people ousted Najib and replaced him with the anti-communist Mahathir.

In some countries, such as Pakistan, there are people who are more radical, and in addition to protests and demonstrations, they will launch attacks on Chinese engineers. Just on Wednesday (14) local time, a bus full of Chinese engineers in Pakistan was attacked while going to the Dasu dam (Dasu dam), exploded on the spot and fell down the valley, killing at least 13 people. According to local media reports, it is now suspected that sabotage was deliberate and the explosion was directed at the bus. The Dasu dam is part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the hub and flagship of Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road” project, which aims to open up the economic corridor so that China can reach the Indian Ocean directly from Pakistan, a strategically important location. For the time being, no organization has admitted responsibility, but just how far does the hatred of China have to go before a similar action is instigated? The Chinese Communist Party has stepped over the red line in its foreign expansion, and if radicals in other victimized countries follow suit, the safety of Chinese people who are being used by the Communist Party to carry out hegemonic aggression in the Belt and Road is a matter of concern for the Communist Party.

It is no coincidence that the Hong Kong government was shocked by the lone wolf suicide attack on a police officer two weeks ago, in which a lone wolf attacker named Leung attacked and then killed himself. Looking back at the past few years, since Xi Jinping’s horse Xia Baolong took control of Hong Kong and Macau affairs, his hawkish style has been revealed. In order to celebrate the centennial of the Party, and for the sake of Xi’s smooth extension of his reign next year, the Chinese Communist Party has increased its suppression of Hong Kong’s opposition forces in the past six months to prevent Hong Kong from “adding to the chaos”. Hong Kong people have lost the freedom they used to enjoy, and this has inspired them to hate the restrictions from the bottom of their hearts. The lone wolf operation is a serious warning to the Chinese Communist Party and the Hong Kong government that the people of Hong Kong will no longer be left to fleece, and that a few people will attack in ways that the Hong Kong government does not expect.

Many Hong Kong people have sympathy and even feel euphemism for the actions of the lone wolf surnamed Leung. The Student Union Senate of the University of Hong Kong recently passed a condolence for the lone wolf surnamed Leung, but it was condemned by the University of Hong Kong, which even said it would no longer recognize the student union as an organization, and Chief Executive Lam Cheng even directed the police to handle the case and asked them to investigate whether it was illegal. In fact, it is common for people who died because of their opposition to the government to be considered martyrs, take the CCTV drama “The Age of Awakening” as an example. He cut his finger and wrote in blood the words “Give me back Qingdao”, dragging his sick body to participate in the May Fourth Movement, but he died of a lung disease and vomited blood. Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao and Hu Shi joined the students in mourning and declared that they would denounce the Beiyang government.

The suicide attack by the lone wolf Leung has changed the way of pure suicide in the early days of the anti-sending to China. The mentality of wanting to die with the “black police” is of course caused by the Chinese Communist Party and the Hong Kong government, but of course, in the dictatorial regime, it is the fault of the opponents no matter what, never reflecting on the reasons behind it. Violence cannot solve problems and is not encouraged, but if Hong Kong enters a vicious cycle of “violence against violence” and “tooth for tooth” because of the Chinese Communist Party’s war wolf strike, then Hong Kong is indeed completely ruined by the Chinese Communist Party.