A Timeline of the “Lost Orphan” Abduction Case

At noon, I looked at the news about the trafficker Hoo Mou, who trafficked Guo Gangtang’s son Guo Xinzhen. I briefly combed through the information and timeline of the trafficker.

Similar to the background of Kunshan Long, Humou is also one of the floating people in Beijing around the early 1990s. Long is Lanzhou into Beijing, Humou is from Henan Anyang Linzhou.

He had a marriage in the 1980s, but because of repeated domestic violence and subsequent crimes, his wife left him after she had a daughter with him.

He was also similar to Long’s experience, and Hoh entered Beijing, also choosing the profession of a thief. 1988 was the year he flipped. He was imprisoned for the first time in Beijing. He was sentenced to three years.

At the end of 1991, Hutou was released from prison and continued to mix with society in Beijing for four years, but did not find a proper business life. 1996, Hutou was arrested again for extortion in early 1996. This time the amount was small, and he spent eight months in a detention center.

This is the same year, Hutou’s second release from prison changed the trajectory of his life on the road. This time back to society, he found a temporary job as a welder near the Lize Bridge in Beijing. The Lize Bridge was the distribution center of long-distance passenger transportation in Beijing at that time, and also one of the concentrations of mobile population.

Hoo met Tang in a restaurant near the Lize Bridge, where he often went to eat. The two became good friends.

Tang took him on a more sinister path. Tang is probably a professional trafficker. She began to test the lover, asking Hoo if he knew anyone who wanted to adopt a child. Tang said her sister had an illegitimate child and needed to find a family.

Huynh asked Tang how old the child was. Tang replied that two years old.

Most likely, at that time, “Guo Xinzhen” has been targeted by human traffickers. Tang has been looking for a buyer only.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The usual chat, the old seven said, the family gave birth to three daughters, there has been no son.

The old seven revealed the intention to adopt, Hoo told Tang this information.

The next family to find a good. The trafficker’s plan unfolded.

Huyang and Tang took the train from Beijing to Anyang. The two parted ways in Anyang. Hoo went back home to the “old seven” home to finalize the buyer. Tang continued to go straight from Anyang to Shandong Liaocheng to steal the child.

Coincidentally, “Laoqi” is also surnamed Guo. The old family members call him Guo Laoqi.

The other innocent Guo family is in such an uninformed situation, waiting for bad luck and the devil to come to their side.

After Tang got his hands on him, he took the 2-year-old Guo Xinzhen by car from Liaocheng to Linzhou. The two of them handed Guo Xinzhen over to Guo Laoqi together after Huynh picked her up at the Linzhou train station.

But I did not expect that Guo Laoqi could not get the money. The two of them are the same. Finally, go to Guo Laoqi’s home again to hold the child back.

This time, Huynh through the old folks to find the old folks, but also in Anyang Linzhou found a household willing to pay the money first buyers. Finally sold Guo Xinzhen to this family.

Take the money from this kidnapping and selling children, Hoo Tang the devil surprisingly returned to Shandong travel for a short period of time, spent a not insignificant amount.

Then, Hootang break up. Seeing child trafficking money so effortlessly, Hoo officially became a professional trafficker.

A few years later in 2000, Hutou abducted a one-and-a-half-year-old boy, Xiaohu, in Hongdong County, Linfen City, Shanxi. And made a new girlfriend surnamed Cheng. The two gave birth to a daughter. A year later, they cooperated in the abduction of a two-year-old girl, Shan, in Yongnian County, Handan City, Hebei Province.

The latter case was solved in 2009 during the Ministry of Public Security’s “Operation Reunion” and the girl was rescued eight years after her abduction. Hoo was caught and imprisoned again for seven years. But he apparently did not confess to his other abduction crimes.

In 2016, Huymou was released from prison for the third time. He moved back to his old house in Linzhou, Anyang. Went to work in a factory for a while, and opened his own store doing welding, welding iron pig farrowing beds for pig farmers in Linzhou.

Earlier this year, Hoo’s second boy Xiaohu was rescued by Hongdong police in Linfen City, Shanxi, finally brought out Hoo’s first case of abduction and trafficking. Hoo was arrested for the fourth time.

The hellish suffering of the Guo family finally came to an end.

These children, Hutmou each profited 8000 yuan.

Behind them was 20 years of untold suffering for these families.