Ten northern drift nine withdraw

An article is very hot, called what the annual income of five million, barely a decent life in Beijing, caused a hot debate across the network. There are also a lot of partners whose family members want to go to a first-tier city to work and study, so that the blogger to tell the next capital city is difficult, in the end, where is difficult.

I looked at the masses of people eating each other, the overall divided into the following categories.

The first category feels too damn outrageous, after all, the statistics bureau data is there, the average wage in Beijing 10,000, the median of six thousand, if five million to be decent, then there are more than 10 million people are not people chanting?

The second category also feels exaggerated, but does have experience of living in the capital, said the monthly income of 30,000 is indeed worse than a dog.

The third category is the inexplicable crowd of eaters, completely confused, do not know what the situation in the capital.

Today I’ll explain to you how this enigmatic income situation in Beijing is really a situation, and why the gap between everyone’s feelings is so big.

In fact, there is nothing difficult to understand, “5 million to live a decent life” this statement is certainly bullshit, but the Beijing residence, in the end, how difficult, mainly depends on the respective location I will give you an analysis.

The first problem I think we all know, if you are originally a Beijinger, a suite, a household, children can go to school, that monthly income of 8,000 also make up for it, it is not bad where.

Beijing is the capital, supporting a huge class of civil servants, civil servants are generally paid, the government tends to suppress prices, so we may feel that prices in large cities are high, but in fact, not high, and the set is very deep, each neighborhood near a large supermarket, vegetables are sold in plastic film boxes, the kind of very expensive, but if you go to the community under the vegetable stalls, can be cheaper, if you want, most residential areas There is also a farmers’ market nearby, where it is even cheaper.

So the two families combined to earn 10,000 to a dollar can also live quite well. The people of Beijing are concerned about eating and not about wearing, and save a fortune.

This is why so many people find that when they have children and the elderly come over to cook, the cost of living suddenly drops a lot, because the elderly are born to find cheap places to buy food, and are willing to walk a little more. Many young people live in a place for five or six years and may not even know that there is a large farmers’ market one stop away nearby. This saves points, plus the public transportation system is extremely cheap and convenient, and if you have a house with a degree early on, you don’t have to take out a loan, and the cost of living in Beijing is about the same as the third or fourth tier. This is almost the least difficult way to play in Beijing.

When the 2000 Beijing census was conducted, there were 13.8 million people in Beijing. At that time, the northern drifters had not yet started on a large scale, so you could think that these 10 million people were living a life without worrying about their houses.

However, if you are a foreigner, come in through college, want to start a family in Beijing and have children, and want to raise them, the situation has changed.

First you have to save up more than a million dollars in cash within six or seven years of graduation, because that’s the minimum requirement to buy a car house in Beijing. You still have to rent an apartment in the process, and you have to have other kinds of expenses, but you still have to save more than one million, and only when you save this amount, you can barely get a car house, which is the kind of location is not very good, the house is not very good, there is no parking space, and more importantly, there is basically no possibility of school district.

Save so much money in such a short time, and then take into account that just graduated within a year or two simply can not save money, that counted down to thirty years old, you have to earn a minimum of 300,000 to 400,000 before taxes, or this million is enough to suffer.

But this is still not the key to the problem, after all, you only solve a place to live, in Beijing, the real difficulty is the children, if you want to settle in Beijing, so that children in Beijing to go to school, you need a school district house that can live, and need a hukou, which immediately dialed the game up two grades of difficulty. You know, if you only live and work in Beijing and don’t have kids involved, then a work residence permit is enough, but if the kids are going to school and college entrance exams, then you need a hukou.

The hukou itself is very, very difficult, Beijing now points to settle only 6,000 places per year, before an asset of more than a billion of a training institution big brother, but also in the crumbling complaints can not get hukou, children can not go to school to participate in college entrance exams, we think about other people.

So how to solve the hukou? A better way is to marry a girl with a hukou, because there are a large number of central enterprises in Beijing, their wages are not very high, but to give a hukou, so a good match is the man to make money, the woman to earn a hukou.

The last time I said this a lot of pals also accused me of discriminating against women, there really is no, because to save money quickly in the capital, you face a huge challenge of physical and mental strength, and have to be very resistant to fuck, this kind of thing is best or by the old man to do.

The actual fact is that you may want to ask, how much money is needed to save a reliable school district? Because the school district house is considered a second, huge expensive, huge down payment. It may take six or seven million in cash.

The problem is that it is now 9 years a degree, school district housing is best to buy in advance, you buy late, when the choice is very narrow, you have to add money.

We understand it, foreigners want to settle in Beijing, but also want to let the children go to school, not exaggerated thirty-year-old family before taxes a million to do, feel the pressure did not?

You may wonder, is it difficult to have a family income of more than one million?

The vast majority of people in Beijing earn less than 10,000 and can survive, but if you are a “northern drifter” who wants to stay in the capital, then you have to be more than The other people are more powerful.

We should know that the distribution of wealth in big cities is very extreme, according to the simplest law of 28, 20% of the people take 80% of the income, 4% of the people take a large part of the income, the head of those people income is very, very high.

And Beijing is a headquarters economy, the world’s major companies have headquarters or offices here, many of the neighborhoods in Beijing rented to these companies on business, an annual rent will be three to four hundred thousand, you can estimate their wages.

In addition to the Internet center, there is a large number of financial industry, are supporting a bunch of high-paid people, there are trading, open restaurants and what not, all kinds of brokers, freelance workers, every time a new company listed, will create a large group of multi-millionaires. The children of the rich in the provinces will also be concentrated to the first line, and even serve these people in the service industry, the head income is also very exaggerated, there is the kind of hair, fitness instructor or whatever, are ridiculously high income.

The top part of China’s university graduates, if not abroad, are basically absorbed by the north and Shenzhen, anyway, there are many rich people. People are also willing to spend money for the sake of their children. Beijing has another function, it is the Hollywood of China, most of the new stars appear every year are produced in Beijing, these stars and their agents are also one of the rich class in Beijing.

Roughly speaking, there is no problem of adding 100,000 or so people who earn more than a million a year.

This tossed down, if you see someone say their family income of a million, still living tight, they may not be blind, saving school houses is not a joke, Beijing side of the good school houses do not move tens of millions, tens of millions are often not very liveable, too small and too broken, if you want to buy a better school district, but also live, the best three-bedroom, the price of housing straight to 20 million, this type of house, even if a year to save A couple of million, have to save for years, and save enough for the down payment, after the delivery of the mortgage is also a big problem, the annual income of a million to live as a dog may not be nonsense.

The most difficult thing in Beijing is to buy a house, and the most difficult thing than buying a house is for children to go to school, which requires both an account and a school district. If you work normally and not the kind of business or rich generation, raising children is a hellishly difficult copy.

Many northern drifters, especially coders, have had the illusion that the income is not bad after graduating from college, and think that with the current salary, do a decade or so, also in Beijing have a house and a car, from then on is Chang’an people. But after ten years, nine out of ten northern drifters have to be evacuated, unless they have no children or even no wife, they can keep floating.

The whole of northern drifters show two evacuation tides, generally arriving at the city in the fifth or sixth year will leave a group of hopeless to buy a house, the age has reached thirty, so back to the second line or home. At this time there is a group of people who want to successfully buy a house in Beijing and then withdraw when their children are three or four years old. These people back home often can not return, after all, the old home and no engineer positions, most went to the new first line, such as Hangzhou Chengdu or something.

The last remaining a few people, not married or no children, stay in Beijing is not very difficult; there are a small number of people do pass through the super difficult copy of the high salary.

You may wonder, since it is so difficult, how to live those who have not yet earned more than 10,000 a month?

A part of it is old Beijing, you struggle desperately, is someone else’s own, they do not have those entanglements. Some Beijingers have a family of five or six people crammed into a 30 or 40 square foot house, and they are still relaxed. They are waiting for their children to finish school, sell the house for hundreds of millions of dollars, and go somewhere else to stay. The old Beijingers, who have seen the world, are very open-minded and have a lower desire for school houses than the newcomers.

There are also those foreign workers who come to Beijing, such as nannies, cleaning, couriers, and maintenance workers, who do not earn much, but still too much higher than the old ones, and this part of the income difference makes them happy to work in Beijing.

A few years ago on the plane sitting next to a middle-aged woman, she is a Hubeian, went to Beijing as a nanny, more than 10,000 a month, stay in the local two to three thousand a month, so went to Beijing, earn money to buy a house for her son back home. Her employer bought her a ticket in order to let her return to Beijing early. She said she was very nervous to take the plane for the first time, and if her employer wasn’t anxious for her to return to Beijing to buy her a ticket, she would never have bought it herself.

These people themselves are not prepared to live in Beijing, Beijing is just a place for them to make money, earn money to save up to spend back home.

There are also many people, in Beijing code farmers circle this kind of people very much, their own money in Beijing, wife and children in other cities, some in Shijiazhuang, or in Jinan, there are wives and children in the northeast, a month back home. After I sent yesterday, the comment section has a high praise partner is living in Shijiazhuang, should be the weekend round trip, you feel their lives:.

You may wonder if this is tired, of course, tired, but they can only earn a year back home to 100,000 less than a year in Beijing, even if only earn two or three hundred thousand million, the gap is enough to erase the pain of running between the two places, people once a father, the pain tolerance ceiling is very high.

There is also a part of the money, the school district can afford to buy, but no account, go to read the international school, waiting for the future back home entrance exams. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Here is another problem you may not know, foreign universities, can be compared to the domestic 985 schools are not many, most of them are some “water school”, can catch up with the domestic 985 as hard to get, and need to go out with the family, the problem is to make money trading at home, who will run abroad to dry consumption? Some mothers used to go out to compensate for their children, once a year back home, soon found that the marriage went wrong.

And these years we have changed our mindset, many people no longer want their children to go abroad to develop, back to the development of the words, the previous “water school” has long lost its magic, which This is also why those people spend ten or twenty million to engage in school district housing, but also not immigration reasons, you know, now Australia and Canada’s threshold is already very low, these people want to move simply no difficulty.

There is also a problem, before in the jag wave chat about this topic, a small partner asked, in addition to those hundreds of millions of school district housing in Beijing, there is no other affordable?

There are, for example, Haidian, bullish straight into the sky, these schools corresponding to the house is very expensive, the rest is similar to our old home side. So much so that many parents if their children can not go to these cattle school, simply sell their houses back to the second line, rather than as a chicken head phoenix tail, because the phoenix tail is really too bad.

This is the reason why many people say that the “child birth option” is crossed off the list of life, and they feel that the world is wide open, because the children of first-tier cities The input is outrageous, many of you may have felt outrageous, but still do not know how difficult it is to have a child, life will tell you in the end. But after having a child, you will feel a lot more joy in life, if not to experience, it is also difficult to understand.

This year to repair out-of-school tutoring also have this aspect of the reason, because the school room has been bad enough, out-of-school training is a bottomless pit, this thing is purely internal volume, so that the birth rate of the first-tier cities plummeted, and now the birth rate of the first line is only 0.5, low scary, this fertility rate, even if you desperately rooted in Beijing, may not give birth to your children in the future, and then there is no then. And the government is also governing the school district, I don’t know if it can be completely solved, I personally think it is very difficult.

See here, you may wonder, since eventually also have to quit, then the northern drifters to the first line in the end what to do?

In fact, the biggest benefit of first-tier cities is “infinite possibilities”, I said above those money-making business, if you stay in the county, is almost impossible to happen to you. But if you go to the first line, although the probability is very low, but indeed there is a certain probability. I have sent many away from the capital over the years, some are with me at the beginning, there is also my recruitment from the university to come in later work under my hand, the general response is that they do not fit the capital, but also do not regret. One guy said something interesting, “When I came to Beijing, I thought I was playing “Invincible Heroes”, but I didn’t think I was playing “Jedi survival”.

In the end, if you want to gain a foothold in the first tier, you need to earn the accumulation of several generations of locals in a few years, and the difficulty is certainly hellish.