Sichuan college students during military training to “inform” each other into the wind

Recently, a group of young students from Sichuan University reported each other during military training, which was criticized by public opinion. Some scholars have pointed out that China has had the phenomenon of mutual reporting since ancient times, and during the “Cultural Revolution” this phenomenon was almost crazy. And in recent years, the whistleblowers have developed from students reporting teachers to each other.

The WeChat public number “Xiuming Jingliu” posted an article on Wednesday, pointing out that recently there was a large number of reports from Sichuan University students in the 2021 military training, such as male students reporting female students, a company reporting the second company, the first batch reporting the second batch. The article disclosed that the content of the report is basically the girls training less, the boys are not convinced to increase the amount of female training; the first company gathered late, the second company is not convinced, requesting an earlier gathering time; the third company got up late, the second company is scrambling to make a small report.

Reporting phenomenon has existed in China throughout the dynasties, but in recent years has become increasingly common. In this regard, Jiangsu Yixing current affairs commentator Zhang Jianping said to this station: “This mutual reporting originated in the Qin Dynasty, when it was called the great justice. But Confucian culture does not approve of this, it is called selling relatives for glory. The climax of the development of this culture was actually during the reign of Mao Zedong, not to mention that the people provoked the masses to fight the masses, even the top families were also this kind of secret service culture.”

A young man “after 80” responded with an article that in his own time, classmates often worked together to deceive teachers and resist power together, and eventually everyone’s treatment improved. He couldn’t understand why children nowadays don’t unite to resist power and increase their common well-being, but instead compete to pander to it, trying to show that they are good kids and get themselves praised by destroying their classmates’ relationships.

Endless involution and mutual harm are the labels of this generation of young people

Regarding the current phenomenon of young people reporting each other, Zhang said, “Now we can all see that there are signs of a comeback. This selling of relatives for glory and breaking the bottom line of human decency, in fact, we can all see that Chinese people in this environment is to harm each other, which is the shameful inferiority of this nation.”

The article writes that this mutual harm, which does not even need to bring substantial benefits, but more presents the jealousy of “I’m not doing well, you don’t want to do well either”, can be described as selfish to the extreme. The article commented that the endless internal rolls and mutual harm are the labels of this generation of young people, who seem to be caught in what Hobbes called “everyone’s war against everyone,” with everyone wanting to use public power to eliminate potential rivals so that they can get a chance to rise to the top.

Tan Zuoren, a Chengdu-based writer who lived through the Cultural Revolution, said in an interview with the station that students reporting teachers and exposing each other violates basic human morality from a human perspective: “This just shows that our society has deviated from universal values and from the basic path of morality and ethics. basic track. We are walking on the edge of human civilization or in the opposite direction, a concrete example of which is the Cultural Revolution. My generation came from that era, which was all about informing on each other and denouncing, including denouncing one’s own parents.”

In recent years, both college and high school students in China have reported teachers who taught lectures in class that were inconsistent with the official position resulting in suspensions and even demerits for the teachers. For example, Lv Jia, an associate professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Marxism, was reported by students for being “anti-Party and unconstitutional,” among other things.

Tan Zuoren said, mutual reporting with the current understanding of words, can also be referred to as internal volume: “there are high-level internal volume, there are middle-level internal volume, and the bottom of the internal volume, which is a kind of mutual harm. This is not a bit good for our society, whether it is economic development or social harmony.”

Tan Zuoren said that people harming each other should not exist, let alone be encouraged to do so.