I have a feeling that there will be civil unrest and the Cultural Revolution-style dictatorship of the masses is coming again!

The biggest news recently is that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council jointly issued a document proposing to “modernize the grassroots governance system and governance function” in the next ten years, and to decentralize administrative and law enforcement powers to street offices and township-level governments.

What does this mean? It simply means that in the future, the CCP’s law enforcement agencies will be decentralized from the county level to the lowest level, and urban street committees and township-level governments will have law enforcement powers in the future.

This is a huge change in the structure of the Chinese Communist regime. Originally, the law enforcement authority was at the county and city levels, and street offices and some smaller townships did not have the authority to arrest and interrogate civilians. The street offices had no administrative power and only served as a kind of transmitter, but now the Communist Party has empowered the streets so that they can directly handle cases.

Why this change? The most basic starting point is that the CCP foresees that in the next few years, China’s economy will decline rapidly and the external environment will deteriorate, which may lead to unpredictable consequences. At that time, it will be much more difficult to deal with the situation at the provincial, municipal and even central levels.

On the contrary, the grassroots have the power to enforce the law, found someone stirring up trouble, someone in collusion with each other, the streets and townships first to arrest those who cause trouble, each street to deal with people in their own area, so you can put out the fire early.

The grassroots have the power to enforce the law and solve the problems in time so that things will not expand. Different streets and townships have investigated the problems in their own jurisdictions, so that the fires of rebellion are extinguished in the nascent stage and avoid influencing each other, and the fires from all over the world will join together to cause more evil consequences.

This incident proves that the Chinese Communist Party has already foreseen that the future society should enter a stage of unrest and incidents, and before this stage comes, the government should arrange measures to deal with it so as not to be caught unawares.

The concept of this matter came from the Cultural Revolution, which was a method of mass dictatorship to control society. At the bottom of each society, some loyalists were organized to keep an eye on the few restless people in their districts instead of the government authorities, to supervise them at all times, to report upward any movement in time, and if necessary, to use the power of the masses to impose “dictatorship” on them, to detain them, to interrogate them, to use lynchings to extract confessions, to injure and kill them, and to They can use lynchings to extract confessions, and if they are injured or killed, they are not held legally responsible.

For many years, the Chinese Communist Party has been pretending to talk about the rule of law, and has made various legal provisions to protect itself by defending its law enforcement power, but on the surface, it still maintains some procedures. Now the power of law enforcement is delegated to the grassroots, not even the procedures, the grassroots party cadres weak concept of the rule of law, a group of earth emperors lawlessness, and not be held accountable for what they have done too much, then the CPC authorized the grassroots, free from the “law” to use folk methods to “enforce the law The Chinese Communist Party has empowered the grassroots to break free from the “law” and “enforce the law” by folk methods. Civilian violence is unrestrained, and those who dare to protest are not protected by the law, and their situation will be even more dangerous.

Seeing that the current situation will deteriorate rapidly, the CCP no longer cares about what open government, what rule of law and human rights, as long as the stability of the regime is maintained, it can do whatever it wants. In the future, the street offices will become the eyes and ears of the CCP, oppressing the people for the CCP, and the CCP will let go of the grassroots to do the bad things they want to do.

On the one hand, the grassroots are in the way, on the other hand, there is high-tech monitoring to cooperate, small troubles are solved by the bottom, and only in big conflicts will the armed police and the army be deployed, which is the Chinese Communist Party’s wishful thinking.

The regression of modern dictatorship to the Cultural Revolution proves that the CCP is at its wits’ end, and seeing that the situation is likely to get out of control, it has to retreat to the most barbaric times and use the most barbaric means to guard its own kingdom.

From the standpoint of the CCP, this is a life-saver, but there are two major problems with the decentralization of law enforcement: first, more and more public grievances will accumulate, the grassroots party officials do not speak the law, and do not act arbitrarily, the power in their hands will be abused, evil will be more out of control, in this way, civil resistance will occur more frequently; second, the mobilization of a large number of grassroots manpower, the government must have the resources to support, no money who will work for you? In this way, the expenses of maintaining stability will rise sharply.

The Chinese Communist Party is very good at “mobilizing the masses” and using the masses to fight the masses to maintain its own sense of security. The Cultural Revolution-style dictatorship of the masses is a major political regression, and the CCP is dead set against modern civilization. If things go on like this, the present day of North Korea is the future of China, and as dark as North Korea is, so is the mainland, and as cruel as North Korea is, so is the Chinese Communist Party.

North Korea has been plunged into a famine, and even the Russians in North Korea can’t stay and have gone back to their homeland. The Communist Party’s decentralization of law enforcement is a sign of a bad future, but a dying struggle, through which we see not his strength, but his weakness and fear.

The Chinese people will have to suffer more and suffer unimaginably, and it will be interesting to see how far the CCP will go before the Chinese people wake up.