The “good guys” also started to report

On the Internet, Sichuan University 2021 military training students reported each other, male reported female, “one company” reported “two companies”, known as “the report of the internal volume. I think this may not be true, because the class of 2021 has not yet begun. If there is a military training, maybe it was made up for last year’s freshmen who were delayed by the epidemic?

No one doubts its authenticity because the probability of it happening is quite high. There are more and more reports on campus and in the classroom, and no one thinks that “reports” are rare anymore.

If it is true, this is still a landmark event. Now the military training of college students, in fact, is not so serious, especially after a period of enrollment and then “make up” the military training, more of a “recreational” nature. The “second company” reported the “first company”, but it led to the “first company” to train for a little longer, more of a game nature.

However, the value of this game is actually here, it is a kind of “exercise” of college life, subconsciously telling everyone what kind of principles are important. In the past, military training usually emphasized hardship, unity and discipline, as well as cooperation among students, which could enhance their sense of honor and responsibility – and now they half-heartedly realized that reporting was useful.

This is not meant to mock those students at all (assuming it is true), because what happens in colleges and universities is also nothing but a projection of social mores. Nowadays, although the universities are full of young people, they are not “pioneering”, they are even more conservative, and you can walk around any university with such an impression.

Friends in forwarding such news, are very sad and worried, in fact, in our neighborhood, even the “good guys”, also began to slowly get used to reporting.

For example, if you are doing a public number, found someone plagiarized your article, you can report it, so in the system design, so report it is not a problem, you will also have a sense of justice in your heart.

Sometimes “reporting” is indeed justice. A while ago an incident occurred in Chengdu, there is a self-publisher confused, wrote an article widely circulated, many friends looked very angry, but also can do nothing. A friend is an activist, persistent reporting for a period of time, and eventually WeChat to remove that article.

I live near the community has a large open space, often people parking, a neighbor in the group sent a screenshot, claiming that he has been reported, everyone (including me) have praise. The neighbor was very proud of himself and showed some of his “reporting records”. It turns out that he has the habit of reporting vehicle violations, and he lamented that it would be nice to have a reward.

This kind of “good people” report, always let people feel some uneasy place. Their behavior, there is no harm, so people are disturbed is to report this means itself.

In a society governed by the rule of law, there should not be “reporting” such a system design. All “illegal” behavior, can be resolved fairly and openly under the legal framework, and the law fails to govern the field, a variety of views can only compete, slowly forming a civilized atmosphere.

The key to “whistleblowing” is that it creates a vague and ambiguous zone, a backroom and arbitrary field. The person making the report is often hidden in the shadows (sometimes there is a design to protect the whistleblower), the person being reported does not know where the “enemy” is coming from, and the arbiter can decide as he pleases – because nothing is public, and there is no way to There is no way to monitor.

Whistleblowing has always existed, of course, but it has evolved over the years and has become institutionalized and positive. In real life there are various channels for reporting, some areas will be open to report the phone and mailbox, and online, reporting is more convenient, and there is even a “one-click reporting” design.

It is also gradually positive, in the past, reporting is more or less seen as a kind of shady behavior, I was a child in my hometown in Henan, people call those who report the behavior of the “bite” – this is not a good word. Now, many reports are even rewarded (for example, on campus), which is really an encouragement to young people.

Some time ago, a student in a middle school in Zhengzhou committed suicide, and the immediate point of conflict was that the teacher found her playing with her cell phone in class, and the “clues” were provided by the student who arranged it. In this scenario, every student has the possibility of being reported as “unsafe”, and the teacher is the only beneficiary. Every act of the students, whether it is reporting, investigating or defending, actually reinforces the teacher’s authority.