Famous school graduates on the assembly line of cigarette rolling first-line workers graduate students more than 30%

Recently, the first-line production operators recruited by Henan Cigarette were all graduates of prestigious universities, which led to a lot of debate on the Internet. Why do young people choose to go to the first-line cigarette after graduating from prestigious schools? Some scholars pointed out that in recent years, the macro-control influence of “the country into the people’s retreat”, the employment situation continues to be severe, the development prospects of private enterprises are bleak, and the stable work in the system inevitably becomes the “meat and potatoes”.

Controversial cigarette worker with a master’s degree from a well-known university

The Public Announcement of the Proposed Recruiting of Students for the Year 2021 of Henan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. was released in April this year, which recently aroused attention on the Internet. According to the Public Announcement, there are 149 people to be hired in 2021, including 14 people for professional management positions, technical R&D positions and marketing positions, all of whom are master’s degree holders, and nearly 50% of them graduated from famous foreign universities. The other 135 people were all hired for front-line production and operation positions in the seven cigarette factories under the jurisdiction of Henan Cigarette, and many of them were graduates of Renmin University of China, Wuhan University and other double-class schools with master’s degrees.

It is reported that the work content of front-line production workers in cigarette factories mainly includes “silk making” and “packet rolling”, which are skilled technical jobs. In an interview with the domestic media, the person in charge of the Human Resources Department of Henan Cigarette Company said that Henan Cigarette Company requires a bachelor’s degree or above to recruit employees, and it is not surprising that graduates from prestigious schools and postgraduates come to apply for the job.

Not only Henan Cigarette, but also Jiangsu Cigarette, Hubei Cigarette and other tobacco companies write within the recruitment information that workers in front-line production and operation positions are required to have a bachelor’s degree or above.

In addition, Henan Cigarette has not only educational requirements for front-line workers, but also professional requirements. In addition to the counterpart majors of mechanical design and manufacturing and electrical engineering and automation, the cigarette factories under its jurisdiction also require front-line cigarette workers to graduate in finance, accounting, and radio and television choreography.

According to Li Hengqing, an economist at the U.S. Institute for Information and Strategic Studies, the severe employment situation has led to a huge gap between academic qualifications and job requirements: “China has been under great employment pressure in the past few years because the whole economy has been going downhill since 2009, and the epidemic and the trade war between China and the U.S. have made China’s economic development slower and slower, and many enterprises are on the verge of closing down or have Many enterprises are on the verge of closing down or have already closed down. Many market players are withdrawing from the market, and the most important job-absorbing player is the private sector, but now the supply and demand in the job market is changing because of the intervention and suppression of the government government (the state into the people).”

According to Chinese education authorities, the total number of fresh college graduates will reach 9.09 million in 2021, another record high.

Chinese media outlet The Times reported that 41 of the 135 people to be hired for frontline positions at Henan China Tobacco have master’s degrees, accounting for about 30.37 percent. The Times quoted relevant sources as saying that once hired, workers in front-line production and operation positions must work in the workshop for more than three years, and cannot be transferred to management positions for less than three years.

More money, less work and closer to home

Henan China Tobacco official website shows that the company under the jurisdiction of the Golden Leaf Production and Manufacturing Center, has seven cigarette factories in Henan Province, the main industry in the workforce of more than 8,700 people, the annual production and sales of cigarettes more than 3 million cases, total assets of nearly 40 billion yuan, ranked fourth in the national tobacco line.

Wang Jian, a well-known American media personality, told the station that graduates with high degrees from prestigious universities must consider many aspects before they can accept the decline in social status: “The impact of graduating from a university and turning back to be a worker is huge. Why are they willing to do so? It must be the difference in treatment. They are less than the first line of this post, may also earn three or four thousand dollars a month may not have, in Henan (average salary) may also be two or three thousand. He does not have the income advantage is certainly not willing to face the huge gap in social status.”

Li Hengqing believes that more money and less work close to home, good benefits, young people competing to enter the system to work has become a general trend: “After Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, has been the implementation of the party to lead everything, so it has become the party control all the resources, private enterprises become unstable, no future, young people are not willing to go to private enterprises, this is the general perception. “

According to our correspondent’s inquiry, China’s tobacco industry is under the management system of unified leadership, vertical management and monopoly franchise. Henan China Tobacco Industry is a direct industrial company under the China National Tobacco Corporation. The recruitment information of Henan China Tobacco shows that because it is within the tobacco system, you can apply for mutual transfer and promotion from the Tobacco Bureau or China Tobacco Industry, and there is great room for development, but the production line of a cigarette factory is the mandatory starting point for promotion to management and technical posts. Meanwhile, the internship period is one year, and the annual salary is about 80,000 yuan during the internship period, and 100,000 yuan after the regularization. The five insurance and provident fund are paid according to the standard of civil servants, and the year-end bonus is generous, and there are also various welfare subsidies on holidays. Workshop workers work three shifts, quota production, and short working hours. The canteen provides three meals, the standard is comparable to the five-star hotel buffet.