Beautiful names hidden in the poems

  1. Knowing Xu.

Li Qingzhao’s “Yongxianle – sunset melting all”: “dyed willow smoke thick, blowing plum flute complaint, spring know how many Xu. “

  1. Moon white.

Bai Juyi “pipa line”: “east boat west boat quietly without words, only to see the moon in the heart of the river autumn white. “

  1. Binwei.

Lu Ji’s “literary fugue”: “ode to the excellent to Binwei, on the subtle and clear. “

  1. Yuan Zhi.

Qu Yuan’s “Nine Songs – Lady Xiang”: “Yuan has dahurica and river has orchids, thinking of the son of the Duke and dare not say. “

  1. Tanya.

Feng Yan, “Feng’s story – painting”: “the painting of the tanya thing. “

  1. Qingchuan.

Wang Wei’s “Return to Song Mountain”: “The clear river with a long thin, carriage and horse to go idle. “

  1. pond rain.

Wen Ting Yun “willow branch”: “Evening with the dragon pond rain, half brush the railing half into the building. “

  1. Aikido.

Su Shi “on the lake after the first eye rain two songs – two”: “want to put the West Lake than the West, light make-up and thick paint always appropriate. “

  1. Mingting.

Su Shi “remember the Chengtian Temple night trip”: “under the court as the water is empty and bright, the water algae cross, cover the bamboo and cypress shadow. “

10 clear as, ask the drain.

Zhu Xi, “the book has a feeling”: “ask the canal where to get clear like this? For a source of living water. “

  1. ripples Han.

Wang Wei, “cool”: “ripples Han white sand, Su tuna like swimming in the air. “

  1. Jingming.

Fan Zhongyan “Yueyang Tower”: “to if the spring and Jingming, waves, the sky above and below the light, a blue million hectares. “

  1. Lingzhou.

Li Bai “on the river”: “sounded the pen to shake the five mountains, poetry into a smile proud Ling Cangzhou. “

  1. Yunshu.

Hong Yingming “Cai Gen Tan”: “stay and go with no intention to follow the clouds outside the sky. “

  1. remote clear.

Xu Hun “early autumn”: “remote night pan clear thur, the west wind emerges Cuiluo. “

  1. Trace the light.

Su Shi “before the Red Cliff Fu”: “laurel birch and orchid paddle, striking the empty brightness and trace the light. “

  1. Ming Ke.

Liu Yong “Linjiang Xian”: “Ming Ke broken shake the capital door dawn, the banner embraces the next heavenly man. “

  1. Guangsi.

Han Guang”: “Han’s wide carry on, can not swim thinking. “

  1. Yi’an.

Tao Yuanming “to return to the country”: “leaning on the south window to send pride, review the knees of the easy peace. “

  1. Lingjun.

Qu Yuan “Li Sao”: “name Yu said Zheng Ze Ruoxi, word Yu said Ling Jun. “

  1. Mengxi.

West Island Song: “The south wind knows my intention, blowing dreams to the West Island. “

  1. If the cloud.

Zhuangzi “free and easy to travel”: “the back of the roc, I do not know how many thousands of miles also, angry and fly, its wings if the hanging clouds of the sky. “

  1. to the source.

Liu Changqing “looking for South Creek Chang Daoist”: “over the rain to see the color of the pine, with the mountain to the source of water. “

  1. to the sincere, heavenly sincerity.

Confucius Kai, “The Twenty-second Chapter of the Middle Class”: “Only the most sincere of the world is able to fulfill its nature. “

  1. return to the far.

Liu Changqing’s “Sending Lingchu”: “The hat with the slanting sun, the green hills alone return far away. “

  1. Yiqun.

Chen Shou “Three Kingdoms”: “branding, Peng’s apprentice, when and Yide and drive to compete for the first, but not as far as the beard of the absolute herd. “

  1. distant mountains.

Wang Wei “painting”: “distant look at the mountains colored, close to hear the water silent.

  1. crane Yang.

Li Bai “yellow crane tower to send Meng Haoran of Guangling”: “the old man west of the yellow crane tower, smoke flowers in March down Yangzhou. “

  1. Jun Mo.

Zhao Bingwen, “Green apricot child – rain and wind for the flowers worry”: “advise you not to cherish the flowers before the drunk, this year’s flowers, next year’s flowers, the white head. “

  1. He Jun.

Bai Juyi, “the wave Tao Sha – ask the river tide and the sea”: “ask the river lake and the sea, what like the love of the gentleman and concubine’s heart? “

  1. also river.

Yuan Mei “Mawei”: “do not sing the year long hate song, the earth also has its own Milky Way. “

  1. then the name.

Liu Yuxi, “the humble abode inscription”: “the mountain is not high, there are immortals are famous. Water is not in the deep, there is a dragon is the spirit. “

  1. willow new.

Wang Wei’s “Weicheng Song”: “Weicheng morning rain and light dust, guest house green willow new color. “

  1. Rainy eyes.

Liu Yuxi’s “Two Bamboo Lyrics”: “The sun rises in the east and it rains in the west, but there are eyes. “

  1. Morning.

Tao Yuanming’s “Miscellaneous Poems – Life Without Roots”: “The prime of life does not come again, one day is difficult to re-emerge in the morning. “

  1. Heavenly restoration.

Li Bai “will enter the wine”: “born me will be useful, a thousand gold scattered and come back. “

  1. Hong is astonished.

Lu You “Shen Garden two”: “sad bridge under the spring waves green, was once a shocked Hong shine shadow to. “

  1. Dreams.

Lu You “November 4 rain and wind”: “late at night listening to the wind blowing rain, iron horse ice river into the dream. “

  1. also safe.

Bao Zhaoge “to walk the road difficult – its four”: “life also has a life, how can walk sigh and sit and worry? “

  1. as the beginning.

Nalan Sid’s “Mulan Lyric – the proposed ancient decisive words Dong You”: If life is like the first time to see, why the autumn wind sad painting fan. “

  1. one heart.

Zhuo Wenjun “white head of the song”: “wish to get a person with one heart, white head never leave each other. “

  1. also line.

Su Shi “Linjiang Xian – send Qian Mu father”: “Life is like a reverse journey, I am also a pedestrian. “

  1. and together.

Anonymous “drumming”: “the hand of the son, and the son grow old together. “

  1. Fengxi.

Sima Xiangru “wind seeking phoenix”: “phoenix phoenix return to their hometown, travel to the four seas to seek its phoenix. “

  1. sunset.

The first time I saw the film, I was in the middle of it. The deep mountain sunset shine deep autumn rain. “

  1. Siyu.

Bai Juyi, “Chang Xiang Si – Bian Shui Shui”: “Thinking long, hating long, hating until the time of return. “

  1. Wuqiu.

Xu Zaisi “water fairy – night rain”: “a wu leaves an autumn, a little banana a little sad, three nights back to dream three nights later. “


Meng Jiao’s “After the Dengke”: “The spring breeze is fast, a day to see all the flowers in Chang’an. “

  1. Dawei.

Wang Wei’s “Sending Wu Qian back to his hometown”: “Since the Golden Gate is far away, who clouded my way is not. “

  1. Zhi Yi.

Gu Fan’s “tell the love – where to leave people in the night”: “to change my heart, for your heart, to know the deep memory of each other. “

  1. Wave follows.

Yuan Haowen, “Thirty Poems on Poetry”: “One wave is moving, ten thousand waves follow. “

  1. Clear Autumn.

Li Yu’s “Seeing each other with joy”: “Speechlessly alone on the west tower, the moon is like a hook, lonely wutong deep courtyard locked in the clear autumn. “

  1. Invitation to the brightness.

Li Bai “alone under the moon”: “Raise a cup to invite the moon, the shadow into three. “

  1. Jingqing.

Zhu Zhanji “summer scenery”: “the first rain over the heat clear, jade waves swirling painting bridge flat. “

  1. auxiliary Qin.

Wang Bo “to send Zhu Shaofu of the appointment of Shuzhou”: “the city is supplemented by three Qin, the wind and smoke look five Jin. “

  1. By the mountain.

Wang Zhilan “climbing the stork tower”: “the sun is at the end of the mountains, the Yellow River into the sea. “

57.Pu Shen.

Wang Wei’s “Rewarding Zhang Shaofu”: “You ask for the poor, fishing songs into the deep. “

  1. leisurely.

Tao Yuanming “drinking wine”: “picking chrysanthemums under the eastern hedge, leisurely see the southern mountains. “

  1. wide shore.

Wang Wan’s “Under the Second Northern Mountains”: “The tide is level and the two shores are wide, the wind is hanging by a sail. “

  1. Ying Yi.

Lu Yun “four poems to Zheng Manji Nanheng”: “Jingxiu Mengsi. Ying Yi Fusang. “

  1. Haiyao.

Xu Hun: “In the autumn to go to the queue to inscribe the Tongguan post building”: “the color of the trees with the pass is very wide, the sound of the river into the sea remote. “

  1. Zhongxiu.

Du Fu “look at the mountain”: “the creation of the gods, the yin and Yang cut dusk and dawn. “

  1. Si Li.

Nalan Sid: “RuanXiSha – who misses the west wind alone cool”: “who misses the west wind alone cool, XiaoXiaoYangYe closed sparse window, contemplating the past standing sun. “

  1. years.

The “rain bells”: “this go through the years, should be a good time good scenery virtual set. The “rain bell”: “This is a long time ago, it should be a good time and good scenery. “

  1. Liang shallow.

Meng Haoran “with the sons to climb the ink stone mountain”: “the water falls fish beam shallow, the sky is cold dream deep. “

  1. Ran bamboo.

Ran lonely bamboo: “Ran lonely bamboo, rooted in Taishan. “

  1. As it is.

Xin Qiji “He Xilang – very carry on my decline”: “I see the green hills more charming, expected green hills see me should be like this. “

  1. Yuxin.

Wang Bo “Tengwangge preface”: “the old county of Yuzhang, Hongdu new capital. “

  1. strings think.

Yan Qidao “Linjiang Xian”: “on the pipa strings to talk about love. At that time the bright moon was there, once shining colorful clouds return. “

  1. Moon Man.

Feng Yansi’s “Bwan Ta Zhi – who said leisurely love throwing away for a long time”: “independent small bridge wind full of sleeves, after the new moon in the flat forest people return. “


Zhang Xian “a thousand years”: “light rain and wind color storm, plum green season. “


Liu Kezhuang “Shengchazi”: “the lights take the clear water. The play drums invade the bright hair. “

  1. Wang Shu.

Qu Yuan “Li Sao”: “before the Wang Shu make the pioneer, after the Fei Lian make the genus. “

  1. white feather.

Lu Lun “and Zhang Servant under the Seaside song”: “Pingming looking for white feathers, not in the stone ribs. “

  1. Du Ruo.

Qu Yuan’s “Nine Songs – Xiangjun”: “Picking the fragrant island Ruoxi Du Ruoxi, will bequeath Ruoxi under the girl. “

  1. Boyo.

Su Shi “crop said to give Zhang Xun”: “the broad view and about to take, thick accumulation and thin development. “

  1. heart of vegetation.

Wang Wei “Qingxi”: “my heart has been idle, clear river tantalizing so. “

  1. Jingting.

Li Bai “sitting alone on Jingting Mountain”: “Looking at each other is not boring, only Jingting Mountain. “

  1. Sang Yu.

Fan Ye “after the Han book – Feng Yi biography”: “lost in the east, the harvest of the sang yu. “

  1. alarming strings.

Xin Qiji “broken formation – for Chen Tongfu to send a strong words”: “horse for the Lu fly fast, bow like thunderbolt string frightened. “

  1. roughly.

Liu Yong “yellow warbler”: “the warm rhythm of the subtle valley of the warbler and, the oriole fluttering, first moved to the fragrant trees. “

The ancient poems are really too beautiful, the wording of the mood expressed, without a certain cultural heritage is not felt. Let your children read more classical poetry, their humanistic literacy will also be improved.