What public opinion phenomenon is reflected in the Lin Shengbin case?

  • Public issues that lack public significance are safe by preference. Powerful current commentary bloggers have long been silent, and gossip bloggers are starting to turn to current commentary.
  • You are tired of distinguishing information, while others come and go, you try to argue rigorously, while others just rhyme, it’s a war you can’t win.
  • You think you are in a discussion. In fact, the conclusion has long been there, people are missing only the steps to reach the conclusion. The bubbles on social networks have a direction.
  • In the same bubble, extreme accusations always overwhelm moderate ones, without the need for material and quality of argument; the accusation itself is enough.
  • An uninformative article doesn’t just mean it’s not informative, it means he’s lying to you.

The following is extracted by China Digital Times editors from comments by netizens.

Cloud Light Anne: The most objective, the online environment is really sometimes pandemonium.

Frederic-Nemo: The essence is the mentality of hatred of the rich.

Zhang Xiu 41749266: Very pertinent video. What is the point that others condemn? Is it that he remarried and had a daughter? Is it his one-time love persona? Is it that he used consumption of his late wife and children to gain benefits? Was it his failure to distribute the money evenly that led to a lawsuit with the woman’s mother’s family? Or was it because of a well? Or because he and his current wife met early? Or because he, a barber, shouldn’t have written such good words? Wait, it is for what anger?

Special talent No. 3: many netizens even the way of speaking into a set of marketing numbers, traffic bloggers pile of words mode, it seems that they say a lot, the actual absence of their own voice, are carried to the attitude. To avoid becoming such people.

Li Yuan Yuan_Fire Amazing: So you can’t listen to any party, you have to think and judge independently based on facts.

Springfield’s fairy tale: the law to the law, morality to morality, one masturbation of their own with Sherlock Holmes-like, estimated excited urine are chicken blood.

Stuffed gram brew can: said great, recommended to read to everyone.

Fruit June: This piece can speak too well, for network communication, rumor screening, public topics and information cocoon discussion are worth looking at. In the past, the Internet was used to bring people closer together, but now, away from the Internet, it is actually to protect your heart.

Ouyang Yuankai: So don’t get together. The key Lin took his late wife and deceased children to create public opinion to create sympathy and attract traffic, this I always diaphragm. There are things specific to their own private treatment is good, and now the impulse of the netizens gossip is also his own in exchange. All are people, are very ordinary.

littleQ_Q sauce students: every sentence to the point, more and more think brain and reason is a scarce resource.

The wind walker micro-word yo: disinformation confusion of the legal cost a little higher, perhaps to inhibit the flow of gossip manufacturing illegal information.

Namcha Bawa’s look up: Lin 88 to Lin tony’s transformation ~ ~ Lin dad this matter, originally has social significance, high-rise fires fire disposal, property fire system maintenance management, is something that can advance the development of social progress, good for all. In addition, Lin 88 is also smart, after the death of his wife newly established “Lakewood” company, equivalent to his wife’s death has been stripped of the operating income, the legal Lakewood company Zhu family can not share.

Special talent No. 3: Many netizens even speak into the marketing number, the flow of bloggers a set of pile of words mode, it seems they say a lot, no actual voice, are carried to the attitude. To avoid becoming such people.