Five days before the Tokyo Olympics: two athletes tested “positive”

Five days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics (July 23), an athlete was tested positive for coronavirus (Covi-19) for the first time during the daily test in the Olympic Village on July 18. According to reports, these two athletes are from the same country as the non-athlete who was tested positive yesterday 17th.

According to Kyodo News, the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games released a news release today, July 18, that two athletes from overseas who were staying at the “Harumi” Olympic Village in Tokyo were tested positive for the new coronavirus.

This is the first time that athletes in the Olympic Village have been tested positive. According to the Olympic organizing committee spokesman Masatetsu Takatani, the first non-athlete tested positive for coronavirus in the Olympic Village yesterday 17, and the two athletes today belong to the same country and the same competition”. But he did not say from which country.

The Tokyo Organizing Committee also released news today 18 that 10 more Olympic-related people, including the two athletes, have tested positive for the new coronavirus. All are from overseas arrivals, nine of whom have not completed 14 days after entering the country. Specifically, three athletes, one business outsourced personnel, one media personnel and five Olympic-related personnel.

The source said the number of positive Olympic-related personnel, in addition to those who entered the country for training before the games, reached a total of 55 since July 1.

The Tokyo Olympic Village officially opened on July 13. There are 21 accommodation buildings, and about 18,000 athletes and officials will stay during the Olympics. The Olympic organizing committee previously said it would prevent the expansion of the epidemic by isolating contact with the outside through strict testing and movement restrictions for occupants.