Covid-19: UK tightens entry conditions from France

The UK has announced that all arrivals from France will be treated equally and must first self-quarantine for 10 days, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. This decision to vaccinate against the South African Beta variant came as a surprise. In addition, the new British health minister tested positive.

According to our RFI correspondent Marie (Marie Boëda), sent from London (Londres) on Sunday, July 18, 2021, the completion of the vaccination does not exempt from quarantine. In short, this is true for people from France; this vaccination requirement is valid for all people, including the British.

The South African variant of Beba is the cause

The climb of the Beta variant (or South African variant) in France has worried the authorities located on the opposite side of the La Manche (or English Channel). At present, thanks to the vaccine, severe cases are very rare. Vaccination rates in the UK are high, with 68% of adults having received two doses. However, this variant from South Africa is likely to be more resistant to the vaccine.

Still, the decision came as a surprise. Although, the strain did grow in France, it was on the island of Reunion (île de la Réunion).

Paris reacts quickly

France’s response was not slow in coming. Paris required people who had not been vaccinated to show proof of a negative test result within 24 hours before entering France.

The International Air Transport Association believes that the government is destroying its own tourism industry, and thousands of related jobs.

UK Health Secretary confirms diagnosis

In the UK, the Delta variant continues to spread. More than 54,000 cases were counted on Saturday. Health Minister Sajid Javid, who has been in office for less than a month, has himself just been tested positive. Authorities even expect 100,000 cases a day this summer.