What I know about nine-year compulsory education

It has been more than 35 years since the government of mainland China introduced “nine-year compulsory education” in 1986. What is the actual situation? I believe there are many different opinions. Officials will have a million reasons to praise it, but what is the experience of parents and children who have experienced it? There is no way to know. Today I want to talk to you about what I have heard, seen, and learned about compulsory education (special announcement: all the problems I talk about have nothing to do with ordinary teachers; on the contrary, I also oppose the government’s practice of using teachers as scapegoats. For example, during 2013 and 2014, the Parapet District of Chengdu City emptied its local coffers because of the previous Li Chuncheng era’s preparations for the construction of Gaoxin West, resulting in the suppression, deduction, delay, and suspension of teachers’ salaries, etc.) (This led to a teacher’s strike and demonstration).

  1. Most of the junior high schools in most of the districts and counties in Chengdu, after the implementation of nine-year compulsory education, have been converted from state-owned to privately owned, or are joint-stock enterprises in which the Education Bureau participates, and have become income-generating industries. Because of the good brand of a middle school, at the same time a strong teacher. With these two, you can ensure the student population and maximize the interests of shareholders. These two items are not valued in the restructuring, not to mention the shares, which is the biggest loss of state assets in the restructuring. Through the restructuring, they can justify the high fees to students. For those who pass the exam, the tuition fee (threshold fee) is less than ten thousand, more than tens of thousands, and for those who do not pass the exam, it is miserable, and the tuition fee is at their discretion. In this special note, these restructuring investment in education shareholders, 99% of them are not rushing to support the cause of education, they are the power elite shaking money tree.
  2. The household is not in the school’s enrollment, first through the school’s examination, and then bargain with the results. This price varies around, chaos will not know where to start. There is a family living in Chengdu Pidu rhinoceros Pu children, in Mianyang on the private elementary school, each school year to spend 50,000, to graduate in grade 6, to spend 300,000. If the middle and high school normal school, you have to spend at least 400,000. If you don’t get in, the cost is out of your control. I asked him what his parents did for a living. He said they do general house renovation. The parent said that it was more money to go to a private school, but there was no way around it, the competition was so fierce. The quality of teaching in private schools is guaranteed, so parents can rest assured.

The cost is certainly not small, but compared with the cost of Chengdu city, it is small.

Chengdu first charges for elementary school grades 1-6, and then for elementary school to middle school, another fee. And some do not have to test, all students can go straight to junior high school (mainly rural or unknown schools), the second semester of 2020 PI district also changed, said the junior high school, foreign are required to temporary residence permit, otherwise only back to the household registration to study. And to do temporary residence permit, you must file an application in June in advance, otherwise almost to the promotion of the school to say to do temporary residence permit, all too late, the child can only go back home to study or find relations. I investigated a class, students said they should be 50 people helicopter, but because of the household temporary residence permit, the class at once only more than 30 people left. The government has so many tricks to control the people!

  1. Class selection fee. Because schools attach different importance to different classes and different teachers, parents of students have to pay class selection fees after paying the school’s threshold fee or school selection fee. There is also a seat selection fee. The reader is free to guess and play with the legal and illegal rent-seeking space here, but I’m afraid I don’t have enough imagination.

The school also organizes extended tutoring every day after school, and then charges parents for it. But some students disclosed that there was nothing voluntary, they were all voluntary. There are two students in their class who do not participate in the extended tutoring and have been punished by standing for a long time and are discriminated against. Some parents also said that the school used to have a break at noon and more class time. Now there is no break at noon, and the class time is a little less, and as a result, school ends at 3 p.m. If you don’t attend, you have to be picked up by your parents. But parents are not off work at this time, so they can’t pick them up, so they have to let their children participate. The fees for extended tutoring in the suburbs of Chengdu generally range from 800-1000 a semester. There is a school in Wenjiang that charges 179 yuan a month for extended day tutoring, I don’t know how this is calculated? There are even schools that charge 2 yuan per session for more than ten sessions of tutoring all day Saturday in junior high school. O motherland, can’t you even get $2 a lesson?

These should all fall under education corruption, but they can do it, you can’t talk about it. The risk of tracking down the truth is great, how risky is the investigation, and the risk is even higher for us dissidents, for whom we are followed twenty-four hours a day and examined with a magnifying glass.

No, I have been repeatedly trapped, and recently forcibly summoned.

  1. Using after-school, weekend and holiday tuition fees. There are also students who take extra lessons at tutorial schools introduced by teachers or run by friends. Some of these tuition classes are in the teacher’s home or in the teacher’s rented house. One private school is also strange, the unified remedial classes not in their own classrooms, but to rent a house outside to carry out. The fees for each subject and time period vary from place to place, and can be quite diverse.
  2. the charges of students’ school uniforms. A few years ago, a school in Pixian County, students received 180 sets of school uniforms per person, while teachers’ uniforms were 80 yuan a set. A school in Wenjiang even charged 1800 yuan for a set of uniforms.
  3. Classes charge class fees, and printing paper, exam questions and materials for tutoring must be bought at the place designated by the teacher. The price varies from school to school and from class to class, some 200, some 500, some are not accurate, including various miscellaneous fees, and parents are urged to pay anyway. By the way, some schools, cleaning tools for classroom hygiene, students have to pay for drinking water. Classrooms, school landscaping, but also to students to bring flowers and flower pots to school. Before I was imprisoned, a school third grade collected 80 yuan without a clear purpose of miscellaneous fees, I asked the children for a receipt, the first day also promised to give me, the next day the children said: “Uncle, you find someone else, the teacher knows, I dare not give. “I immediately knew I was being followed.
  4. Teachers’ birthday, Teachers’ Day, New Year’s Eve, students send gifts are also a wide range of gifts, less tens of hundreds, more than a thousand. Parents treat gifts, it goes without saying. Students who dare not give, can have a hard time eating, ask which parents dare to joke?

The news said that a child in elementary school, because more homework, more tuition, every day to 11:00 or even one or two in the morning is also common, one day tuition to 2:00 in the morning, the child said to his mother: “Mom, I’m so tired, I sleep a little. “The mother said:” Then you sleep a little! “As a result, this sleep, and never wake up …

At first, I didn’t believe such news. Until I visited a pair of twins in the fifth grade, I know that this story is true.

The two children’s parents work in the PI area. A few years ago listened to the propaganda of a town government and developers, bought their small property rights house, when the promise of two or three years later into a large property rights, you can solve the children’s account, the children can enjoy the same treatment as local children reading. But two or three years later, the government and the developer delayed again and again, and the large property rights just couldn’t be done. The children had to pay 50,000 to 60,000 school fees to study in this town, so they had to go to more remote towns to pay 10,000 to 20,000 school fees to study. The grandfather spends two to three hours a day picking up and dropping off. Every day there is extended tutoring, too much homework, coupled with the child’s brain, slow hands and feet, every day after school on the bus to do homework, and at night to 11:00 or 12:00, to late at night one or two is also common.

The children’s grandfather said that they will soon graduate from elementary school, and they will have to face the problem of school choice fees in junior high school. I don’t know how much they have to pay. Can they afford to pay? They are foreign farmers, so they can’t talk at all.

In the town where I live, there are seven nine-year compulsory schools, three of which are private. I can’t help but wonder how much of a hole in the state’s education funding there is with three of the seven private schools. Not to mention that the other four public schools are underfunded for education and the teachers are doing everything they can to reach out to parents.