Spectacle! Chinese fraudsters in northern Myanmar surrender to China with a daily limit of 150

As the Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic in Myanmar rises and Chinese officials order local telecommunication fraudsters to surrender to China, the number of Chinese returning from northern Myanmar has skyrocketed, but after the sudden outbreak of the fourth wave of the epidemic in Ruili, a city in Yunnan Province bordering Myanmar, the authorities have turned to a “limited number” of people per day due to the enormous pressure of epidemic prevention and control “Accepting fraudsters to return to their home countries and turn themselves in has sparked a hot debate on the Chinese internet, allegedly being satirized by netizens as a spectacle of the year.

After the recent outbreak of the 4th wave of Wulong epidemic in Ruili City, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Communist Youth League issued an article on the 10th through the surging news political number, pointing out that the surge of confirmed cases in Myanmar, coupled with the intensive release of China’s many places to persuade the announcement of return, requiring the list of people stranded in northern Myanmar suspected of illegal immigration, telecommunications fraud and Internet gambling crimes “to return” by a deadline, otherwise it will be considered a lost person and will be considered a lost person. Otherwise, they will be identified as missing persons and “revoke household registration”, and a large number of people at border crossings are trying to return to their home countries every day, which has put pressure on the prevention and control of the epidemic.

It is said that nearly 97% of the population over 18 years of age in Ruili has been vaccinated, but it is still no match for the invasion of Delta variant of the virus, daily outbreaks of local confirmed cases, in a state of closure, there are many people question the effectiveness of domestic vaccine is not enough. 11 official notification of the latest data on the 10th epidemic is that Yunnan local 12 cases, 12 cases imported from abroad, 12 local cases in Ruili full nucleic acid testing and key population Nucleic acid testing found, including three cases of Chinese patients, the other are Myanmar nationals.

Long queues of people are reported at Jigao, Monkey Bridge, Nang Xiong, Mang A, Ta Luo and other ports in northern Myanmar adjacent to the Yunnan border, crowded with people waiting to return to their home countries every day. The number of fraudsters who want to return to their home countries is so great that the epidemic prevention and control cannot cope with the load, and a border crossing in Yunnan is forced to put up a notice board saying that “a limited number of applications will be accepted to return to China, with a daily limit of 150 people.