China’s national drug vaccine “not enough power” Beijing good brothers Hungary also burst into question

China has been doing a lot of vaccine diplomacy with its two self-developed vaccines for Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, Covid-19), SinoVac and Sinopharm. “The effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccine has been questioned by many countries, and now even Hungary, which has always been friendly with China, has not produced enough antibodies after vaccination with Sinopharm, questioning the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The Associated Press, Hindustan Times (Hindustan Times) reported on the 9th, the Hungarian capital of Budapest, many older people who received two doses of vaccine, the test done in the civil laboratory showed that they did not produce enough antibodies to resist the new coronavirus, the mayor of Karasony (Gergely Karácsony) is therefore worried that some vaccine protection is not enough The mayor, Gergely Karácsony, is offering 20,000 free tests to residents over the age of 60, in an attempt to raise pressure on the administration.

Deputy mayor Ambrus Kiss said that the people who are in this situation are mainly vaccinated with the Chinese national vaccine, convincing the municipal authorities that “there is a real problem”. He said the government should consider administering a third dose to those who fail to produce an adequate immune response. “If there is this type of loss of confidence in certain vaccines, then the government needs to order a third dose and release the dose to them.”

He said that all people over 60 years of age can use the free tests offered by the city, regardless of which vaccine they receive, and “the more tests there are, the more social pressure there is for a third dose to be administered.”

Hungary is the first country in the EU to start administering the vaccine, mainly because in addition to obtaining the vaccine through the EU, it also procures it from Russia, China and other countries; Hungary is the first EU member state to approve the Russian satellite – V (Sputnik V) and the only one to use the Chinese national vaccine.

Hungarian media “Hungary Today” reported in early July under the title “Hungary’s Chinese medicine problem” that one million people in Hungary had received the Chinese medicine vaccine, most of whom were elderly; according to a document on antibody tests conducted on 450 people by a testing institute in Budapest, many elderly people did not have sufficient immunity after receiving the Chinese medicine. For people under 60 years old, 90% of them developed antibodies 2 to 3 weeks after the second dose, but only 60% of those over 70 years old had the same effectiveness. the higher the rate.