Haiti’s first lady, hospitalized with serious injuries, issues statement calling on country not to lose its way

Haiti’s President Moisés was assassinated in his house in the early hours of the 7th, and First Lady Martine was seriously wounded and transferred to a Miami hospital in the United States for treatment. She made her first public statement today, calling for the country not to lose its way.

Martine Moise issued a statement in Haitian Creole from the Miami hospital where she was treated today, and posted it on her official Twitter account. Her taped statement was also broadcast on Haitian national radio.

In the statement, Martine said, “I survived, thank God. But I lost my beloved husband, Jovenel Mois. Jovenel Moise, with whom we worked together for more than 25 years. Throughout all these years, there was always love in the house. But suddenly, those mercenaries came in and shot my husband.”

Martine added, “You would have to be a notoriously cold-blooded criminal to have the audacity to assassinate a president like Moise and not even give him a chance to speak.”

She added, “You know what President Moishe is up against. These people hired mercenaries to assassinate President Moisés and his family because of the plans to build roads, electricity and drinking water supplies, and to organize referendums and elections…”

Martine continued, “Those mercenaries who assassinated President Moishe are now in custody, but others now want to destroy his dreams, his vision, his ideology.”

“I’m crying, that’s true, but we can’t let the country lose its way, we can’t let his blood be spilled in vain.”

Martine promised to communicate directly with Haitians via Facebook soon, “I will never abandon you.”