Australia has fallen! Peruvian Lambda variant virus hits 32 countries in 1 month

The global epidemic of Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) has been going on for a year and a half. Australia has announced that it has become the 32nd country to be hit by the Lambda variant, with the presence of infected people in the country.

In June, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed the Peruvian Lambda variant as a strain to watch out for, after cases were reported in 31 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. According to the Australian public health comprehensive pathogen genome database AusTrakka data, Australia 7 also found that a foreign traveler in quarantine in the New South Wales State Quarantine Hotel confirmed the Lambda virus, becoming the 32nd country to be hit by the virus, but has not yet entered the Australian community infection.

Lambda was first seen in Peru last August, when it was known as C.37 or the Andean variant, and later named after the 11th Greek letter “λ”, Lambda is pronounced similar to “Lambda”. According to research, the Lambda virus is more contagious than the Delta virus, and nearly 10% of those infected with Lambda in Peru eventually passed away, which, together with the fact that Peru is currently the country with the highest mortality rate of martial lung in the world, has caused great concern worldwide.

Epidemiologists warned that variant strains will become the norm in life, and vaccination will be required every year.