EU launches “connect the world” plan to fight against China’s “Belt and Road”

EU foreign ministers agreed on Monday to launch a global infrastructure plan to connect Europe and the world. A Reuters report from Brussels on the same day noted that as the EU questions Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” initiative on connecting Europe and Asia as a way to increase influence through infrastructure development, the EU, following partnership agreements with India and Japan and similar commitments by the Group of Seven (G7), this latest initiative from 2022 The latest initiative, which begins in 2022, will counter China’s “Belt and Road.”

Speaking at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels the same day, German Foreign Minister Thomas said the EU sees China using economic and financial means to increase its political influence around the world, about which it is useless to complain, and that the EU must offer other options and work closely with the United States.

The EU has signed partnership agreements with Japan and India to coordinate transport, energy and digital construction projects linking Europe and Asia, the report said. Officials say China’s Belt and Road loans have made poor countries subservient to Beijing because they are forced to take on huge amounts of debt.