Questioned by senior officials to receive luxury hospitality Deng Bingqiang rhetorical question: why officials sacrifice family time to party?

Hong Kong’s three heads of security departments and China Evergrande senior luxury club dinner, the scandalous storm is still under the spotlight. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor Tuesday (13) to attend the Executive Council before responding to the incident, said again and again do not need to declare to the Civil Service Bureau, hoping that the incident came to an end. Wednesday (14) Secretary for Security Deng Bingqiang, again in the Legislative Council initiative to talk about the incident, and said the meal is “an important part of the work”, and reiterated that the meal is not a problem.

He said that the public questioned the suitability of the meal, and whether there are hospitality issues. He said that the dinner is to contact with all walks of life, useful for the formulation of the government.

He also said that going to these parties would sacrifice time with family: “We as officials, after working hard every day, we want to spend time with people in the housing sector. But why do we sacrifice time with our families to go to these gatherings? Because it is indeed an important part of our work.”

He said that the general public questioned the meal involves a conflict of interest, return favors or make the reputation of the overall government is damaged. He responded: “I have personally understood. I do not see, on the above three things have happened.”

He also said that although civil servants should not accept luxury hospitality, but the three heads of security departments, beforehand, did not know that the banquet “so expensive”, so the future will “grow wiser after the incident, the future will be more cautious”, but did not mention whether they are responsible for this.

Barrister, former ICAC Chief Investigation Officer Cha Xi I, said earlier in response to inquiries, he said that generally speaking should be investigated by the Civil Service Bureau, and worried about the incident to other lower-ranking civil servants set a bad precedent.