Guangxi many places to introduce soil policy parents do not vaccination prohibited children’s school

Governments across China are resorting to “guilt by association” policies to boost vaccination numbers. The municipal governments of Guiping, Guigang, and Beiliu in Guangxi recently ruled that parents who refuse to receive the new vaccine will not be allowed to enroll their children in school.

According to Chinese officials on Wednesday (14), 24 new cases of novel pneumonia were confirmed in the past day, including one local case in Yunnan, while the remaining 23 were imported cases. Officials also announced that China had received nearly 1.4 billion doses of the vaccine as of Monday (12). However, there are signs of a recent slowdown in the rate of vaccination.

Since Monday, many governments in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shandong, Shanxi, Guangxi, Hubei and Gansu provinces have issued notices that they are about to restrict the number of people who are not contraindicated to be vaccinated, or organize vaccinations for people over 60 years old and minors under 18. The city governments of Guiping and Beiliu in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have introduced soil policies to retaliate against families who have not received the vaccine by “suspending their children’s schooling”.

Mr. Chen of Guiping, Guangxi, told Radio Free Asia on Wednesday.

“It must mean that any one person (in the family) (does not receive the vaccine), so that it is mandatory and binding. The whole family has to get (the vaccine) for their children (to enroll in school) as well, which is compulsory in disguise. (The authorities) threaten you by taking away part of your child’s right to education and then come and make you take the vaccine.”

According to Punch News, Guangxi Guiping City and other places proposed that in order to strengthen the prevention and control of school epidemics and ensure campus safety, family members of students in various kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools whose family members are eligible for vaccination will complete vaccination in their vicinity before the start of school. In principle, those who have not completed vaccination will be suspended from school.

At the same time, Guigang and Beiliu in Guangxi also introduced exactly the same measures as Guiping city to restrict the schooling of children of families who have not received the new crown vaccine.

The central government requires that vaccination not be mandatory and that localities establish their own rules to improve the administration rate.

Beijing-based current affairs commentator Li Jinping told the station that officials from China’s National Health Commission had earlier reminded local governments not to make vaccination mandatory across the board. However, local governments are now forcing people to get vaccinated by way of a chain of command.

“The Health and Welfare Commission has issued a notice saying that (vaccination) is voluntary. But many places take it as a political task. Then the health commission issued a notice saying it cannot be mandatory. If it is for an individual (refusing to get vaccinated), the impact is small, but such a chain of events is kidnapping, kidnapping loved ones all together. If one person does not comply with the local government’s decision, the whole family is affected.”

According to Li Jinping, the local government’s move is much like the feudal dynasties of the time when.

“During the Warring States period, Shang Yang established the system of reinsertion, and Shang Yang’s move was very prominent in Qin, which had a great impact on people’s livelihood.”

Recently, local governments in Jiangxi and Zhejiang issued decrees requiring people to be vaccinated with the new crown vaccine by a specified deadline, otherwise travel will be restricted. The Jinggangshan municipal government circular said that from July 27, in principle, unvaccinated people will not be allowed to enter key places such as inpatient departments of medical institutions, schools, libraries and scenic spots. Chongren County government issued a notice that it will implement a policy of scanning “Gan Tong Code” to check vaccination records in public places such as shopping malls, scenic spots, stations and cinemas, and residents will be restricted from living and traveling if they are not vaccinated.

The government of Qingtian County, Zhejiang Province, notified that from the 9th onwards, the county’s institutions, medical institutions, nursing homes, childcare centers, schools (kindergartens, out-of-school training institutions), stations, hotels, restaurants and farmers’ markets must register the personal information of those who have not been vaccinated. Ninghai County ordered that, starting from the 25th, unvaccinated people will not be allowed to enter public places; all people entering Ninghai County must be vaccinated, otherwise home audits will not be passed, and unvaccinated vendors will not be allowed to set up stalls and sell their goods.

In addition, Menglian County in Yunnan Province announced a county-wide closure from July 12 to 14 and full nucleic acid testing for all residents of the county. During this period, no one is allowed to enter the county unless it is necessary. Mangshi City, on the other hand, announced that all cabarets, karaoke stores, bars and theaters in the city would be closed for one week from the 11th.