Lawyer Lu Siwei’s license was suspended and he asked for a court case, but he was beaten by bailiffs.

Chengdu lawyer Lu Siwei filed an administrative lawsuit at the Qingyang District Court on Tuesday to protest the revocation of his lawyer’s license by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice, according to a news release from the Chinese civil rights group Minsheng Watch. But the local court not only refused to file the case, but also sent several bailiffs to beat Lu Siwei.

Lu Siwei’s lawyer said that on that day, at the front desk of the court, when the staff saw that it was an administrative lawsuit, they said they needed to ask for instructions, and then left on the pretext. After waiting for about 50 minutes, Lu Siwei’s lawyer had to leave because of something, so he took out his cell phone and recorded himself in order to prove that he had come to the Qingyang court to file a case. After a bailiff asked the lawyer to delete the video and was refused, four bailiffs suddenly grabbed the lawyer’s neck and pinned him to the ground with their arms in a vice grip. One of them pushed his leg against Lu’s neck, making it impossible for him to breathe. Later, the bailiffs escorted Mr. Lu to the office, and despite Mr. Lu’s agreement to delete the video, several police officers seized the phone and recorded the phone.

Lu Siwei’s lawyer said that the Qingyang court eventually did not open a case for him and refused to issue a written ruling. Now he has pain in his right elbow and limited movement; his left arm has contusions and subcutaneous bleeding.

“Minsheng Watch pointed out that the Rules of the People’s Court do not allow audio, video and photo recording during court activities, but they do not prohibit audio, video and photo recording in the filing hall. Lu Si-bit went to the court to file a lawsuit according to the law and should have been given a receipt. After the court staff did not receive the lawsuit materials according to law, Lu Siwei’s lawyer took photos to keep evidence not only reasonable, and does not violate the law, not illegal.

Lu Siwei’s lawyer also said that, ultimately, the authorities do not want to act in accordance with the law, nearly three years of his three lawsuits have not been handled in accordance with the law.

It is reported that Lu Siwei is a well-known human rights lawyer in Sichuan Province, and has handled the “June 4, 1989” wine case, the “Four Gentlemen” case in Chengdu, the Guangxi Chen Jiahong lawyer accused of “inciting subversion of state power” case, and the Beijing Yu Wensheng lawyer accused of “inciting subversion of state power” case. He has also worked on the “incitement to subvert state power” case against lawyer Yu Wensheng in Beijing. In August last year, Mr. Lu Siwei also provided legal assistance to 12 Hong Kong social activists charged with “smuggling”.

Earlier this year, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice revoked Lu’s lawyer’s license for violating his professional ethics and making comments online that “negatively impacted society.