China Kexing vaccine repeatedly breakthrough infection Thai health minister confirmed: will mix and match AZ

The Chinese Kexing Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) vaccine has been repeatedly reported in Thailand and Indonesia as a breakthrough infection for vaccine recipients.

According to Reuters, Anutin said that for people who received the first dose of the Coxin vaccine, the second dose will be given to AZ, and if this policy is implemented, Thailand will be the first country in the world to publicly mix Chinese and Western vaccines.

Anutin pointed out that the reason for the mixed vaccination is to improve the protection rate against the Delta variant of the virus and to strengthen the immunity of the population against the martial lung.

It is understood that the majority of Thai healthcare workers and frontline staff have been vaccinated with the Coxin vaccine, but there are frequent cases of breakthrough infections from martial lung, with a total of 618 fully vaccinated healthcare workers currently diagnosed with Coxin.