Police arrest 11 of Moishe’s suspected assassins for breaking into Taiwan Embassy in Haiti at gunpoint

The Haitian police announced on the evening of the 8th that they had caught 17 more suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Moise (Jovenel Moise), and Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs today explained that 11 of the suspects had broken into the Taiwan Embassy in Haiti and were arrested by the police. It also stressed that it supports Joseph (Claude Joseph) to lead Haiti through the difficult times and restore democratic order.

The Embassy of Taiwan in Haiti is one of the few friendly countries that have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan revealed today (9), after the assassination of Haitian President Moisés in his residence on the 7th, Haiti imposed martial law, political turmoil, the Embassy of Taiwan in Haiti based on security considerations, from that day onwards to work at home, personnel are evacuated from the Embassy. 8 early in the morning, the Embassy’s security personnel found a group of suspicious armed people broke into the Embassy courtyard The embassy immediately informed the embassy staff and the Haitian police, the embassy received a request from the Haitian government, agreed to the Haitian police to enter the embassy to arrest people, after some pursuit, 11 suspects were arrested by the Haitian police, brought back for investigation.

It is understood that the Taiwan Embassy in Haiti, in addition to the doors and windows were damaged, no other property damage, and no casualties, the Embassy currently suspended its external services.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Taiwan supports Joseph in leading Haiti through the difficult times and restoring democratic order, and expressed its severe condemnation of this act of violence.

Haitian police after two days of full investigation and pursuit, announced on the 8th, the assassination of the president, the number of thugs up to 28 people, has arrested 17 people, killed three people, there are eight people at large, of which the Haitian police entered the Embassy of the Republic of China arrested 11 suspects.

It is understood that the 17 suspects arrested by the Haitian police so far are 15 Colombians, two Haitian-Americans, and the three people killed during the arrest are Colombians.

Haiti was scheduled to hold congressional elections in 2018, but the elections were postponed after a dispute over when Moyes’ term would end and other disputes. Moyes has been ruling Haiti by executive order since then and has faced much criticism.

The current acting president, Joseph, who had only served as prime minister for three months, was scheduled to be replaced by Moisés this week. As a result, there is now a controversy over who will be in charge of Haiti. The United States recognized Joseph as acting president, and Joseph revealed that Haiti will soon hold general elections in September.