One in Five Chinese and Hong Kong Adults Want to Immigrate U.S. and Canada Most Popular

In the face of political instability and deteriorating climate and livelihood conditions in mainland China and Hong Kong, the latest survey shows that one-fifth of mainland Chinese and Hong Kong adults are considering emigrating overseas in the next two years, with the most wanting to migrate to the United States and Canada. The Canadian government has expanded to attract young immigrants from Hong Kong, and recently exempted working vacation visa holders from entering the country first, even if they have not found a job.

Gerald, 28, from Hong Kong, was granted a working vacation visa to Canada at the end of 2019, but his dream of landing in Canada was put on hold when a new coronavirus epidemic broke out later. He said that because the epidemic blocked the country’s borders, Ottawa regulations require that even if you have a work visa, you must first find a worker before you can enter Canada, and it took him a long time to find a part-time job in Canada from Hong Kong, and he finally came to Canada earlier this year. He said that last week the federal government gave a special green light to young people from Hong Kong again. “Last week I know a lot of people received a letter from Ottawa saying they are entitled to a waiver, which means that Hong Kong people can enter Canada even if they haven’t found a job yet because the epidemic is slowly getting better now. I believe if there were no border controls, more Hong Kong people would come to Canada.”

A new survey shows that one in five mainland Chinese and Hong Kong people have plans to immigrate overseas within two years, with the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom in the top three, with 137 million people wanting to immigrate to the United States; 69.4 million to Canada; and 52.4 million to the United Kingdom.

Toronto-based nonprofit Vividata, one of the organizations responsible for the survey, said Rahul Sethi, director of the company, said that although the number of people wanting to immigrate to the United States is double that of Canada, the total population of the United States is about nine times larger than that of Canada, so you can imagine how attractive Canada is to immigrants. Sethi also said that the questionnaire results can be found that Chinese and Hong Kong people want to immigrate to Canada for a number of factors, including the natural environment and humanistic education, but also with the local unstable political climate can not be separated from the relationship, for example, many Hong Kong people mentioned the concept of “for security”, there are also many Chinese people feel “Political stability” is very important. “28% of Hong Kong people who want to immigrate to Canada do so because they like Canada’s public service resources. In addition, the second most important factor, 19%, is that Canada is safer, and the third most important factor, 16%, is political stability. The top three reasons for immigrating to Canada from mainland China are wanting to start a new life (17%), good climate (17%), and political stability (16%).”

Canadian immigration consultant T.L. Wong said Canada has always been one of the most popular countries for immigrants around the world, but the trend of more clients from mainland China and Hong Kong has been evident over the past two years, with many mentioning that they are uneasy about the tumultuous political environment. He said that even though relations between Canada and China are not so good, and recently China has been blasting Canada for having mistreated aboriginal people, it still hasn’t eased the desire of Chinese and Hong Kong people to immigrate to Canada. “That’s the lovely thing about Western democracies, people make mistakes, regimes make mistakes, but because they’re elected by the people, they’re willing to take the blame.”