200 staff infected with the disease A vaccination center in Malaysia closed

The Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) outbreak is ravaging the world. A vaccination center in Malaysia, where more than 200 health care workers and volunteers were diagnosed, was ordered to close today and undergo a deep and comprehensive disinfection, the country’s science minister said, adding that the center will reopen tomorrow for vaccination by another group of medical teams.

The comprehensive foreign media reports, the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur a vaccination center in 10, 11 more than 200 health care workers and volunteers tested positive, in today closed the center for full disinfection. The country’s Science Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said it was not certain whether the initial infection was contracted at the center, and urged people who were vaccinated at the center after the 9th of this month to isolate themselves for 10 days, and the government to strengthen management to avoid clusters of infections.

Carey revealed that two volunteers were diagnosed after the center’s 453 employees were tested and 204 tested positive, although the viral load was low. All employees are currently quarantined and the center is deeply disinfected. It is expected to reopen tomorrow with another group of medical teams for vaccination.

The total number of confirmed cases in Malaysia is reported to be over 844,000, with over 6,000 deaths, although the pace of vaccination has accelerated, with 25% of its 32 million population having received at least one dose of vaccine.