Diplomacy has become a dead end and the country is out of control.

The European Parliament passed a non-binding resolution with an overwhelming vote of 578 in favor, 29 against and 73 abstentions, urging the EU to sanction Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor and other officials of Hong Kong and the Central Government, as well as to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, over the Hong Kong government’s freezing of Apple Daily’s assets, forcing it to close, and the arrest of media workers, peaceful demonstrators and political figures for human rights violations.

This is the first time the European Parliament has proposed sanctions against a foreign media organization for being purged by the government, the second is the overwhelming voting result, and the third is the European Parliament urging the EU to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Earlier Biden had also publicly condemned the purge of Apple Daily, the first time in the history of the U.S. President; Secretary of State Blinken stated that the U.S. was discussing with allies on common actions to deal with the Beijing Winter Olympics, and now the European Parliament is ahead of the game. The resolution is non-binding, but the overwhelming vote shows that public opinion is lopsided, and the EU has no choice but to formulate its policy toward China in response to the strong public opinion.

A worldwide poll shows the percentage of negative impressions of the CCP in major countries: 76% in the US, 73% in Canada, 80% in Sweden, 72% in the Netherlands, 71% in Germany, 67% in Belgium, 66% in France, 63% in the UK, 60% in Italy, 88% in Japan, 78% in Australia, 77% in South Korea, 67% in New Zealand, and even 69% in Taiwan. The only countries with less than half negative impressions of the CCP are Greece (42%) and Singapore (34%). Such a poor impression of the Chinese Communist Party must affect the country’s relations with it, which is precisely the blame of war-wolf diplomacy.

At the same time, the British Labour Party also urged the government to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics. Although the British Prime Minister said he did not support boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Prime Minister also had to follow public opinion as the pressure of civil opinion increased and governments around the world took a change of attitude.

The worst thing is that the Chinese Communist Party has not long ago enacted an “anti-foreign sanctions law”, which stipulates that whenever a foreign country sanctions the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Communist Party must counter-sanction it “in accordance with the law”. Without this law, you can still side-shoulder as if nothing happened, but with this law, even if you do not want to, not counter-sanctions and can not. As a result, people sanction you, you counter-sanction, and people increase the sanctions, and you increase the counter-sanctions, and things just keep getting worse.

Isn’t this the best illustration of what the Chinese Communist Party often says, “picking up stones and smashing your own feet”?

China’s diplomacy has become a deadlock, unable to move forward, unable to retreat, unable to break out of the predicament, and the space is getting smaller and smaller, and it is really thanks to President Xi’s wisdom and greatness that diplomacy has reached this point.

The Chinese Communist Party’s grand strategy of war-wolf diplomacy, of course, is the decision of Xi Jinping, based on the rising east and falling west, the four self-confidence, the level view of the world, and the Chinese solution, all out of an overestimation of their own strength. It is a pity that a system that is “set in stone” is in place. The only person who can correct the strategy set by Xi Jinping is Xi Jinping himself, and the people under him have to make it worse. In Xi Jinping’s position, self-correction means self-depreciation, so in order to maintain decency, we have to hang on, and the result of hanging on is the infinite expansion of the evil consequences.

Until a month ago, Xi presided over the Politburo meeting, only to propose “to pay attention to grasp the tone, both open and confident but also humble and modest, and strive to build a credible, lovely and respectable image of China.” Unfortunately, it was too late. It is as if a fierce and fierce hooligan suddenly puts on makeup, smiles, and bows everywhere, with an awkward posture and an even more repulsive face – only Xi Jinping himself knows how this drama will play out.

Looking back now, the Chinese Communist Party simply does not have enough courage to flaunt its power around the world. If you want to bully others, you have to be strong enough and have the means to subdue them, but relying on a mouth bluff only makes you look bad and makes people look down on you. Originally a large country, but act like a gangster, do diplomacy to do so, from Zhou Enlai in the ground, really want to spit blood.

Originally, when diplomacy is bad, if the internal affairs are sound, you can still return to the inner circle to survive, but after years of tossing and turning, the internal affairs have long been five consumptions and seven injuries, there are landmines everywhere, ready to explode in the pot, at this juncture, diplomacy and everywhere to meet the wall. The world sees you as a villain, who still wants to do business with you? Who still feel comfortable to help you develop? If you are strong, you are a threat to others; if you are weak, you are increasing the security of others.

The Chinese Communist Party is a big game of chess, from the layout to the strategy of none of the right place, as the saying goes, a single mistake all the plates are down, you are wrong in every piece, then how to clean up? A dead game, but can not help but go on, every step has no intention, are intensifying the crisis, knowing that there is no way to save, but can not help but to hold on, the so-called “governance”, to this point is really no eyesight.