I still want to be a good person

That morning, I habitually went to the store next door to buy breakfast, a sorghum bun, a cup of soy milk and a cup of black rice porridge, 3 yuan. I gave her 10 yuan and she found me 7 yuan. I took out a coin and put it on the table, saying, “Yesterday you found too much money.

At that moment, the sun had just risen from the east, and I was standing due east, a holy light spilling out from my body. Suddenly, her whole body stiffened and her pupils dilated, as if she saw something incredible, and if someone could know how to read minds, they might be able to hear a piece of music playing in her heart all the time–

Hallelujah, Hallelujah ……

In fact, the thing is very simple, yesterday I bought the breakfast is 4 yuan, I gave her 20 yuan, but she found me 17 yuan. I was given an extra dollar. I only found this out this afternoon and I decided to pay her back the next day. Although a dollar is not much, we should not covet such wealth. When I returned the money that belonged to her, I felt very, very good, I had no shame, I was frank.

Why do I want to be a good person?

Because, I was happy.

I still remember very clearly one night ten years ago, I was running wildly through the city, chasing the last 40 bus, and although I was sweating profusely, I finally arrived and squeezed into the sardine can-like bus. I stood up, the bus started, and I was ready to swipe my card. But the card was gone, I searched all my pockets, the driver was rushing me, the other passengers were looking at me. I was once again sweating profusely because I was broke and only had a bus card with me.

I was ready to die, get off at the next stop, and walk home. The bus took 40 minutes, the run took an hour and a half, and the walk took two and a half hours. Before 10 pm, you should be able to return home.

At this time, suddenly an old lady asked me, “You don’t have money with you? I said yes, I lost my card. She said, “I’ll give it for you. At that time, I was very surprised, because this lady, is an ordinary lady, its appearance, a vulgar, every day is not playing mahjong, or shopping in the market, she does not read or study, do not watch movies or listen to the opera, I do charity do not know public welfare, she is a very ordinary ordinary people, never thought, this car of people, is the first she found my strange, but also help me solve the problem.

At that moment, a piece of music kept ringing in my heart – hallelujah, hallelujah ……

Why do I want to be a good person?

Because, I hope I pass on this love and can help anyone who needs help, even if this love seems small and insignificant, but, for someone in a difficult situation, he really needs it.

Last night, I was waiting for a bus on the side of the road. There was a homeless man sitting on the side of the road, and he had four or five packages, carried on a stretcher, with a few food items placed around him. He seemed to have walked a lot of places and seen a lot of people, and today he passed by here, tired, so he sat down to rest and rest, and after that, he was ready to go again. It was 9 o’clock, he was probably hungry and took out the dry food in his bag to eat.

I couldn’t bear the thought, so I took out a white chocolate almond rolled pastry and handed it to him, saying, “Brother, I’ll buy you some! Surprisingly, he waved his hand and refused. I was embarrassed to take it back and put it back in my bag. My good intentions he did not accept, and at the same time, I felt as if I had hurt his dignity. He is just a vagrant, he is not a beggar. Perhaps, many years ago, he has more money than all the rich people we have seen; perhaps, this time, he knows something much more than us.

More to my shame, I also have a noon to buy over the gold record bread, a banana ready to be the fruit before dinner, a glass of Sprite just bought not yet finished. These are all things I bought over myself and that I like, while the box of rolled pastry was given to me by someone else in the afternoon because I knew the first owner who made jeans was named Levi’s.

In other words, I said I wanted to show a love, but I only took out what I cared least about, and it didn’t matter to me anymore, so I just gave it to someone else casually. Is that contributing your love? Or is it getting rid of a tiredness? This question, which I pondered all night, still eluded me.

Why do I want to be a good person?

Because, I am not a good person yet. My brain, my heart, is always loaded with some very despicable human nature that I can’t see myself, but really exists. This human nature is partly based on innate animal instincts, and partly based on an acquired process of self-growth.

The most frustrating thing in this world is that we will die one day.

However, when the day my life ends, in a place I don’t know, there must be birds singing, flowers blooming, breeze brushing, white clouds swaying, girls smiling, children running, old people gossiping …… this world, everything is beautiful!