The lies she told her children

Cui Hong sat across from me with a look of anticipation but some nervousness and anxiety. I comforted her by saying.

“Xiaoyu is very understanding and will definitely like you when he sees you.”

My wife died of cancer three years ago, and Xiao Yu, our only son, was just two years old, not yet able to speak, just babbling and just beginning to learn simple words – mom, dad.

The first two years, I was worried about finding a stepmother for Xiaoyu is not good, there has been no heart in this area, until I met Cuihong, I think she is a kind woman, I believe that after marriage will not only be good to me, but also to Xiaoyu, and today, is the first time I brought her to see Xiaoyu.

Xiao Yu is in kindergarten this year, today is 4:30 pm after school, I and Cui Hong two hours ago came to the kindergarten located across the street, Xiao Yu usually very much like, but also our county’s only fried chicken burger restaurant, I wanted to wait until almost the end of the school day, and then go to the kindergarten door, after receiving Xiao Yu to take him to eat fried chicken burgers, but Cui Hong told me that she met with the child for the first time, want to more So we came to the store early and have been here for nearly two hours.

In order for Xiaoyu to accept Cuihong as soon as possible, the woman who will soon become his future mother, I also told Cuihong some little secrets that only Xiaoyu and I know between father and son, Cuihong listened very carefully, and sometimes could not help but laugh.

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about Xiaoyu, from his favorite food, to his favorite toys, even his favorite anime, his teachers at school, and even the names of his two best friends in class, all carefully asked, and in some places she was afraid she couldn’t remember, she even took a pen and clumsily wrote it down on a piece of paper, I could see that she liked Xiaoyu very much and cared a lot about this first meeting with him, although I’ve shown her photos and videos of Xiaoyu many times before.

I looked at my phone, it was already 4:25 p.m., less than five minutes before Xiaoyu’s dismissal time, so I stood up and prepared to pick up Xiaoyu from school in front of the kindergarten across the street.

Cuihong then took a deep breath, as if to pluck up courage for himself.

“I’ll go with you to pick up the children,”

The school gate, far away Xiao Yu saw the door waiting for me, as usual, excitedly while shouting “Dad”, while flying to me.

I picked up Xiaoyu, kissed him hard on the cheek, then stroked his head, pointed to the side of the Cui Hong, deliberately asked him.

“Do you know, who she is?”

Xiao Yu seemed to freeze, but then suddenly shouted excitedly.

“Mom, is it you who came back to see me?”

I was amazed and asked him why he was calling Cui Hong’s mother. Xiaoyu replied.

“Mom said she was going to a very far away place, maybe one day she will come back. Mom also said that on that day, mommy will change her appearance and come back to see Xiaoyu”, before finishing, he turned around anxiously, to break away from my hands, opened his hands and shouted at Cuihong.

“Mom, come and hug Xiaoyu!”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

I suddenly remembered that in the last days before her death, my wife told my son Xiao Yu, who was just learning to talk, that she was going to a faraway place and might come back one day. On that day, mom will change her appearance to meet Xiao Yu.

I always thought my son was too young to have any memory at all, but I didn’t expect him to remember so well despite being small.

I didn’t understand why my wife lied to the child like that, but I couldn’t bear to say anything about her. A few years later, at this moment, I finally understand my wife’s “lies”, and finally understand her good intentions at the beginning.

When I thought about it, I actually shed big tears.