Three Hong Kong senior officials attended a rich man’s dinner in violation of the gathering restriction incident Involved in rape arrested man’s name and Evergrande senior the same

Hong Kong’s three chief officials were invited to attend a dinner party for tycoons in violation of the gathering restrictions on the official offense, the incident involved in the rape case, the suspect will come back to the Eastern Magistrates’ Court on the 19th of this month to answer the trial. According to the judiciary, the defendant is Chen Fen, the name is the same as the executive vice president of China Evergrande Group Hong Kong, Chen Fen.

During the police’s investigation into an attempted rape case, it was uncovered that a dinner party was held in violation of a gathering restriction, and nine people, including Deputy Secretary for Security Au Chi-kwong, Director of Immigration Au Ka-wang and Commissioner of Customs and Excise Tang Yee-hoi, were charged with the crime. The Security Bureau issued a statement on Friday (9), saying that three officials were invited to a hot pot dinner, they admitted to negligence and lack of sensitivity, “to apologize”. Comprehensive media reports, the dinner also has a property developer Evergrande Group’s top executives.

According to the Judiciary’s website, an attempted rape case against Chen Fen will be heard again in the Eastern Magistrates’ Court on the morning of the 19th of this month. The case reveals that the defendant is accused of attempting to rape a woman in a residential unit in Happy Valley on March 2 this year. The date of the case is the same as the date of the attempted rape case involving a dinner party for senior officials, according to the police. 19 arraignment of the defendant Chen Fen, and Evergrande Hong Kong executive vice president Chen Fen, both Chinese and English names are the same.

It is understood that there were nine people at the same dinner party, in addition to three senior officials, as well as Evergrande senior. One of the women who participated in the meal called the police on March 3, accusing the executive of rape. The police found out that the man and woman involved in the case before returning to the woman’s residence, had attended a dinner together at a private club in Wanchai. Sources confirm that the police in the morning of March 4, to the Evergrande Center in Wanchai for arrest operations. Witnesses said the suspect was panicked, “the face are green sun”.

The media has called the Everest Chen Fen’s mobile phone query, the other side learned that the reporter call, that “wrong”. The reporter then used WhatsApp and email to ask him again, but never got a reply. The reporter also asked Evergrande Group whether Chen Fen was involved in the case and was prosecuted, but there was no response by press time.

Secretary for Constitutional Affairs Li Ka-chiu said during a radio program on Saturday (10) that the three officials had learned a great lesson from the incident and had apologized and assumed legal responsibility, believing they would grow wiser after the incident. Li Jiachao said he understood that the three officials had known that they had been negligent and had drawn public attention to the need for improvement and vigilance, and that the incident reflected the need for everyone to be careful about their behavior.

Lee Ka-chiu was asked after the program, as the then Secretary for Security, in March, whether he was aware of the three officials violated the gathering restriction order, whether the three accepted high entertainment, whether they violated the civil service code, whether they violated the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, etc., he did not respond and left.