17-year-old teenager fell to his death in a factory internship

Under the organization of the school, 17-year-old Hubei teenager Sun Ming came to an electronic equipment factory in Shenzhen and began his first internship. The process did not go smoothly, he had a stomach bug, glasses also broke, several times leave were recorded as “absenteeism”.

On the morning of June 25, Sun Ming received a warning from his class teacher that he would be expelled from school if he had any more “absences”. 20 minutes after the warning was issued, Sun Ming fell to his death from the 6th floor of the dormitory. According to Sun Ming’s family, after the incident, several government departments in Shenzhen intervened in the matter and promised to investigate and hold the relevant parties accountable.

Absence from work and warning

Liu Yang and Sun Ming were hairdressers and classmates of Hanjiang Science and Technology School, and they came to Shenzhen for internship together. Eventually, Liu Yang also became the first person to discover Sun Ming’s fall.

Liu Yang recalled that after working on the night shift for many days, Sun Ming had been a bit “staid” and spent most of the day to catch up on sleep and skip lunch, during which Sun Ming committed a The night before the incident, Sun Ming told the police. The night before the incident, Sun Ming told Liu Yang that he had to take that night off to rest, so he could free up time to repair his glasses the next day.

On June 25, at about 7:00 a.m., Liu Yang and his roommate returned to the dorm after the night shift, and Sun Ming was still asleep at that time. According to Liu Yang’s description, at around 8:00, two teachers came to the dormitory and woke up Sun Ming. “The teachers warned Sun Ming that last night was the fourth time he missed work. “According to the rules of the school and the company, four absences from work will lead to expulsion from school.

Sun Ming explained to the teacher that he had asked for leave from the factory’s head puller and went to the teacher’s dormitory to write down a Statement of the Situation. According to the note, at about 7:10 p.m. the night before the incident, Sun Ming went to the factory workshop to ask for leave from Hu Moujun, the factory foreman, and after Hu Moujun’s verbal consent, he put the leave slip on Hu Moujun’s desk.

After writing down the description of the situation, Sun Ming went back to the dormitory. About twenty minutes later, he received a call from his class teacher, Cheng Mou. Liu Yang remembered that Sun Ming was on speakerphone, “The class teacher was still asking him on the phone why he didn’t work properly and why he was marked absent from work. “

In addition to the phone warning, Liu Yang provided screenshots of the class group chat records show that Cheng Mou posted two notices about Sun Ming’s four absences in the group at 9:52 a.m. and 10:13 a.m. that morning, and said that the next time he would be firmly expelled.

That morning, Sun Ming’s father, Sun Youhai, also received a weibo from Cheng. “The child’s class teacher told me that the child has been absent from work four times, and then absenteeism will be expelled. “Sun Youhai said, just the day before, Sun Ming did tell him that the glasses are broken want to take time off.

After receiving Cheng’s WeChat, Sun Youhai couldn’t hold back his worry and dialed his son’s phone. “The phone just listened to his voice some tired, asked him what happened, he said long hours at work, night shift can not stand, dizziness and headache. “Sun Youhai suspected that his son was bullied, Sun Ming only said he was dizzy, and eventually hung up the phone on the grounds that it was not convenient to talk.

In that phone call, Sun Youhai encouraged his son to hold on a little longer, after the glasses were fitted, insist on working through the three months, you can get a high school diploma. Because he knew that his son wanted to be a soldier after graduation, he told Sun Ming that he could not enlist in the army until he got his high school diploma.

Sun Ming was talking to his father on the balcony of the sixth floor dormitory, Liu Yang noticed that Sun Ming did not go back to his room after hanging up his father’s phone, so he went to the balcony and asked Sun Ming what was wrong, and Sun Ming replied to him, “Nothing. “.

The long time living together, Liu Yang and Sun Ming has developed a certain tacit understanding. Knowing that Sun Ming was in a bad mood, Liu Yang accompanied him on the balcony to smoke, and neither of them spoke. Until Liu Yang’s cigarette was finished, Sun Ming asked him to go back to his house to “get some toilet paper”. Afterwards, Liu Yang recalled that at that time Sun Ming “should be trying to get rid of him. “

At 10:28 a.m., when Liu Yang returned to the balcony, Sun Ming was already lying downstairs. Liu Yang froze for a moment on the balcony, reacted to the side of the clothes, while playing 120 side ran downstairs. “When I got to him, he was moving. “Until the ambulance carried Sun Ming away, Liu Yang kept watch over him.

Subsequently, Sun Ming’s father, Sun Youhai, received a call from the hospital, the doctor recommended to stop resuscitation. At 12:01 p.m., the local police station called, and Sun Youhai officially received news of his son’s death.

Get that diploma

The school was officially notified by the parents’ group on June 1, 2021, that it would organize an internship for students in Shenzhen.

It was the peak of the epidemic in Guangdong, and some parents in Sun Youhai’s parent group showed concern. According to a screenshot of the chat at the time, one student’s parent said, “Shenzhen is not guaranteed, so it’s better to stay in Shiyan,” and was then reminded by the class teacher “I hope you speak responsibly.” Another parent replied directly in the group chat that he did not want his child to go to the internship, “I am responsible for my own child”, and was also firmly rejected by the class teacher:. “No, the three-year teaching rule states that community practice must be attended”.

“The class teacher means that you must go, do not go to complete your studies, can not get a diploma. “Sun Youhai said that the class teacher’s reply in the parents’ group was firm, saying that unless the student is physically challenged, he must participate in this internship.

On June 10, two classes of the second year of computer science at Hanjiang Technology School, a total of more than 90 students went to Shenzhen, where they finally arrived at Huagao Wang’s Technology Co., Ltd. and began their internship at this electronic equipment manufacturer.

In the workshop, Sun Ming was mainly responsible for carrying boxes, and most of them were night shifts, which he soon outgrew. Liu Yang recalled that on the night of June 14, as Sun Ming chose to stay in the dormitory to sleep and did not ask for leave from the head puller, he was recorded as absent from work the next day. Liu Yang has the impression that because the number of absentees around the 14th was relatively high, the control about the internship became stricter after that day, “the class teacher stipulated that leave must be taken with a leave slip “.

On the night of June 17, Liu Yang saw Sun Ming in the dormitory covering his stomach and vomiting, and knew that he was suffering from stomach problems again. According to his understanding, Sun Ming once had surgery for stomach bleeding, and his intestines have become very sensitive since then. The continuous night shift made Sun Ming’s diet irregular, but he didn’t take his medication in time, and just asked Liu Yang to come back in the morning with a glass of milk. That night, in order to avoid being recorded as absent from work, Sun Ming first went to the head puller to ask for leave, and then went back to the dormitory to rest.

After zero o’clock in the morning, Liu Yang met another classmate who was working in the same assembly line as Sun Ming, “he also told the head puller Hu Moujun that he took leave at midnight. “Then, Liu Yang heard Hu Moujun said to the classmate:” you want to go on, do not want to go on the report to the top. “But the next morning, the teacher on duty found Sun Ming and told him that he and another student were still recorded as absent from work last night.

This internship process is linked to the graduation certificate, and pressure ensues. The screenshot provided by Sun Youhai shows that on June 19, a teacher issued a notice in the “19 computer class 2 internship group” saying that Yuan XX was absent from work for no reason after arriving at the enterprise 2 times, through education still do not think of repentance, in the afternoon of June 17 has been in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education to delete the school registration, is no longer the school students. Liu Yang and several other students also confirmed this news to the reporter, and their feeling is “quite scary”.

Even so, it is difficult to adapt to the night shift, Liu Yang and others still have the idea of taking time off to rest. The chat records provided by Liu Yang show that at 10:22 p.m. on June 21, Liu Yang sent a message to Sun Ming saying, “Why don’t we take the night off after midnight? “So Liu Yang, Sun Ming and other three people asked their respective head puller for leave and returned to the dormitory to rest together in the latter half of the night. But according to Liu Yang’s recollection, only Liu Yang succeeded in taking leave the next day, while Sun Ming and another student were still regarded as absent from work.

In more than ten days of practice, Sun Ming’s leave was registered as absenteeism several times, and when the fourth “absenteeism” appeared, an unexpected scene happened.

On the day of the incident, Liu Yang met with Hu Moujun, the director of the Public Security Bureau who came to make a statement. According to Liu Yang, Hu Moujun told the police that he did write Sun Ming’s leave of absence on June 24, not absenteeism.

Liu Yang believes that there is a big problem with Sun Ming’s punch list provided to the family by the factory. He clearly remembered that he and Sun Ming had been scheduled for night shift on June 12, but the table still showed that Sun Ming had clocked in four times during the day. So he wasn’t sure if the “leave of absence” record in the form for the night of June 24 was trustworthy.

A family friend of Sun Ming who went to Shenzhen to deal with related matters said that, combined with various information collected, including the fact that Sun Ming had been recorded as absent from work several times, classmates had also heard Sun Ming complain about “pulling long to get me “, he speculated that these factors are related to Sun Ming’s death, “to two hours before the accident, all parties are intensively pressured him, before taking leave and feel targeted, he may not be able to bear it in his heart for a while. “

Fourteen dollars, eleven hours

In addition to what happened to Sun Ming before he was born, this internship organized by the Han River School of Science and Technology has been questioned by students and parents in several other ways.

The screenshot of the group chat provided by Sun Youhai shows that before the internship began, the class teacher Cheng Mou gave the location as Shenzhen Nanshan Industrial Park, and said that the school and the company had finished contacting each other. He explained to the parents that the child’s normal working hours are eight hours, with two hours of overtime; the normal situation of the internship salary is above 4,000 yuan, which is paid directly to the students by the enterprise.

Liu Yang remembered that on the first day they entered the factory, they learned from the class teacher and the resident teacher that the hourly wage for students to work here was 14 yuan. At that time, the hourly wage of the regular employees in the factory was 27 yuan, and the old employees in the same workshop whispered to him, “the school should be black you quite a lot”. Zhou Xiao, a classmate, also said that in a conversation with an hourly employee of the same assembly line, the other party had told him, “The hourly workers in our factory are 26 yuan an hour. “

The working hours also do not match what Cheng said when he notified. “Liu Yang and Sun Ming worked the night shift from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. the next day, and mine was from 6:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. the next day,” Zhou Xiao recalled, adding that each night shift There will be an hour of meal time in between, and in the ten days they worked, the daily working hours were around 11 hours. The punch card records provided to Sun Youhai by the factory after the incident also showed that from June 13 to 24, Sun Ming usually worked from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

In Zhou Xiao and Liu Yang’s recollection, since they joined the company on June 12, they had been working the night shift up to Sun Ming’s accident, except for the day shift, which was the day shift. “The first half of the night can barely hold up, the second half of the night almost ‘squinting to work’ “, Liu Yang described his state on the night shift this way. According to his recollection, not only the internship students have difficulty adjusting their biological clocks, but also the veteran employees at the factory can’t help but doze off and then be woken up by the patrolling security guards.

Behind the students’ high-intensity working hours, the internship is more like “miscellaneous” work in the assembly line. Sun Youhai learned from the factory that Sun Ming changed positions three times before and after, the third time is carrying boxes, each box is about half a meter high, filled with circuit boards, weighing about ten kilograms. “The child told me that his fingers were worn out, I asked him what he was doing, he said moving boxes. “Sun Youhai was puzzled at the time, his son is a computer science major, how internship work is to move boxes?

Zhou Xiao also did not have a fixed internship position. At first he was responsible for checking the bottom of the goods, then it was on the assembly line to pick up the board, box, and then he also went downstairs to the warehouse to move boxes. “My previous position only got ten minutes, are not skilled, let me exchange with the next person. “Zhou Xiao recalled that, at most, he changed positions three times a night. According to his understanding, the same school rehabilitation and nursing students internship are in the hospital, kindergarten teacher majors will go to kindergarten. Only the computer science major went to the electronics factory, “I feel that this job is not related to the computer. “

More doubts appear in the labor contract. Sun Youhai provided the labor contract signed by Sun Ming to Beiqing reporter, in the contract’s hourly wage column, the handwritten number is 2,200 yuan / month. This number is far from the hourly salary of 14 yuan and the 11 hours of work per day. The contract shows that the workplace of the computer students is in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, not Nanshan District as previously stated by the class teacher; the employer is also not Shenzhen Huagao Wang’s Technology Co., Ltd. where Sun Ming works, but Shenzhen Xingye Labor Dispatch Co.

All of the above is clearly against the “Regulations on Internship Management for Vocational School Students” jointly issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other five ministries, which clearly requires that schools shall not arrange internships for students through intermediaries or paid agencies, and shall not arrange for students to work overtime and night shifts.

According to the reporter, this is not the first time that Hanjiang Science and Technology School has had an inter-provincial internship accident. As early as April 25, 2019, a senior classmate of an auto mechanic class once fell to his death in an electronics factory dormitory building in Dongguan due to an accident.

The court verdict indicates that the school handed the internship student to Shenzhen Jieyuan Human Enterprise Resource Management Co., Ltd, which arranged the student’s internship from an auto electrical factory in Huizhou to an electronics company in Dongguan without informing the student’s parents, who were unaware of the transfer until the accident.

Ltd. did not have any professional guidance to learn the technology, but was arranged by the company to engage in manual labor in the workshop, labor hours of the same 12 to 13 hours. Ultimately, the court ruled that the school in the case of the plaintiff’s various costs of the loss of 30% of the proportion of responsibility, compensation for the student’s family various costs 236,730 yuan.

“Said to go to the military together.”

The day he left for his internship, it was Sun Ming’s 17th birthday. Like other parents who want their sons to be successful, Sun Youhai wanted Sun Ming to be able to study well, so he specially added the word “name” next to the word “gold”, which means The Chinese character “金榜题名” means “golden ranking”.

I’ve been working all my life, so I hope my children will have a better life than me. “Sun Youhai said, Sun Ming’s secondary school exam results are not ideal, when the choice of computer science, is to consider the child can learn a technology needed by the times, the future can “sit Office”. But he did not expect that his son’s first internship, but also became the last internship.

According to Sun Ming’s family, after the incident, several government departments in Shenzhen intervened in the matter and ordered the company to pay a compensation to the family first, and the internship has been terminated. The relevant government departments promised to follow up on the investigation and accountability of the companies, schools and agencies involved in the incident. The school involved in the problem, may be sent by the Shenzhen side of the letter to Hubei. As of press time, the reporter tried to contact the school and factory involved, but did not get a response.

In early July, Sun Ming’s ashes were brought back home from Shenzhen to Shiyan, Hubei by his family. “We both agreed to go to the army together. “In Zhou Xiao’s impression, Sun Ming has always been a calm friend, as early as the second half of 2020, the two of them agreed to register together to join the army.

Liu Yang also returned to Shiyan, he helped Sun Ming’s family take care of the aftermath, after which he has been isolated at home. The family asked him if he still wanted to continue to attend this school, he hesitated.

“These two years with him (Sun Ming) is almost every inch. I really don’t want to go back to that environment. “