An enchanting copy of the Code of Daily Conduct for Participation in Academic Activities

The gods within the gates.

See the words as the face.

Recently, I heard that many old ladies and fresh meat are going to attend summer classes, study camps and workshops, so I can’t help but toss and turn, unable to sleep at night, and sitting up in shock from a dying illness, silently reciting three times: the day of disgrace is finally coming.

In order to maintain the stability and unity of the academic community and the lofty image of my teacher in the academic circle, and to prevent you from revealing your academic level as soon as you open your mouths, I would like to formulate a “Code of Conduct for Participating in Academic Activities” with reference to the “Code of Daily Conduct for Elementary School Students”, and ask all graduate students under me to comply with it.

I. Since participation in summer classes, study camps and workshops can promote academic exchange (travel) and improve academic level (love), I have applied for partial funding for each graduate student who participates in academic activities, hoping that you will learn something.

Second, it is not easy for others to organize academic activities, so do not be a giant baby, and do not trouble the organizers all the time if you can solve the problems by yourself; when the organizers are busy for a while, you should take the initiative to help and do not stand by; when eating, if there is no designated seat, try to sit at a full table first, not three or two people occupy a table; when you are tired of going out to investigate, you still need to maintain a helpful heart, because When you are tired, you still need to maintain a helpful heart, because the most see the character of people.

Third, the tea break is for the participants to communicate with each other, not a meal, can not eat full, can not eat full, can not eat full (say the important question three times), can not drink coffee, can not grab the last piece of sandwich with a well-known professor, and can not eat dessert after taking two bananas into the meeting. If anyone steals the limelight in the tea break session and spreads to the ears of our teacher, he/she will be automatically extended for one year.

If there is a lecture in English in the academic activities, even if you do not understand it, you have to pause frequently and frown from time to time to do thinking; you have to laugh when you hear others laugh and whisper to the table that the teacher’s speech is so funny!

Five, can not see any teacher to go up and say that they want to test people’s PhD, so that the tutors are very stressed, students do not want to participate in the activities; when the tutor replied “a lot of people in line When the tutor replies “there are many people in the queue”, don’t ask “how many people am I in the queue? “; when the supervisor replied “Welcome to apply”. Do not ask “What do you think of me? When it is necessary to recommend, the teacher is willing to give up his face and act as a referral.

Sixth, the question session is for the audience to ask questions, not for you to “on behalf of everyone” to praise the speaker, you can not represent everyone, your praise also does not have any meaning. It will only delay the time for everyone to eat.

Seven, although childish, but you have to raise the question is a problem, not an ass or something else, do not open your mouth to let others feel that you are very low.

Don’t brag in public about the academic achievements of the teacher, for the teacher a few pounds or a little self-knowledge; really need to brag, don’t use the following sentence: “Kant said ……; Nietzsche said ……; Hegel said ……; my mentor said ……”. My mentor did say something, but not side by side with the first three.

Nine, when you meet the mentor for the teacher can go to shout the master and turn away, do not wait until the master asked about your academic results, or the master will lament what I actually taught a living treasure; meet the master for the teacher’s brother can shout a master, at this point there is no harm in the mouth, because your grandfather will always be your grandfather.

Ten, public academic occasions should not be according to the sect of brotherhood shouting master, to maintain the spirit of academic criticism, do not let other students feel that you are a small gang.

Eleven, to participate in academic conferences, do not give and only one girl nothing to offer, and then the beloved also can not, should cast a wide net, slow catch fish.

Twelve, meet the girl of your choice, should not interrogate each other who is the supervisor, how academic results? You should check each other’s papers on the Internet, if the text is reliable, people are generally more reliable. If the other party interrogates you about your academic situation, you can first use the delaying tactic to delay, to be a teacher to issue you with proof of academic ability and then think long and hard.

Thirteen, unless there is an associate professor or above proposed, generally do not organize entertainment activities such as playing cards, playing mahjong, singing KTV also try not to sing trashy songs, but hear the guest speaker singing trashy songs, but also to clap hands to do happy.

Fourteen, if you hear someone attacking the teacher’s academic, do not debate with it, I am worried that once you open your mouth, my academic will be even less on the stage.

Fifteen, if you hear someone attacking the teacher’s character, you can move with the camera, see their division is a lot of patience, not many divisions and extra arrogant people, can beat then beat, can not beat then scold, scold but call the teacher, the teacher went directly to call 110.

The above few hope that you remember, if you can not memorize, just remember one: in case of trouble, as long as you do not tell the teacher out on the line.

I wish you all a happy practice.

Teacher: Zeng Ming