Those girls of that era

On, the story of female rascals

01: Lei Yu who dared to break into the male bathhouse

It was about 1967 when an explosive news came out from the campus of Wuhu Third Middle School that a junior high school girl named Lei Yu was arrested by the Public Security Bureau and qualified as a female hooligan. This junior high school girl named Lei Yu left a deep impression because of the same name as Mr. Cao Yu’s famous novel “Thunderstorm”.

How did Lei Yu become a female hooligan? Now it seems to be an extremely absurd and odd incident.

In the winter of 1967, Lei Yu and some 15-year-old girls were having a dinner party in a small restaurant to see off a young friend who was leaving Wuhu. During the dinner, Lei Yu drank some more white wine, and under the effect of alcohol, Lei Yu, who had a big personality, made a bet with several girls, first proposing who dared to walk around the morgue of the regional hospital, but no one dared to answer, and several girls were silent. (Alas! At that time, if you go to the regional hospital morgue on the good, there is no later.)

The girls eat next door to the small restaurant is a public bathhouse, bathing people in and out, the ghost of a girl proposed: “If you dare to go next door to the male bathhouse, we admire you. Lei Yu heard immediately said: I dare! Said on the cotton jacket, put on the next girl’s military coat, and put on people’s cotton army cap, and took another girl’s mask to wear, asked everyone, do I look like a man? Everyone said like. Lei Yu then stride to the public bath past, bet a few girls are standing at the door of the small hotel to look at her.

Afterwards, according to the girl with Lei Yu recalled, Lei Yu did not really break into the men’s bath, Lei Yu into the bathroom less than a minute to panic and came out, said when she lifted the curtain at the door of the men’s bath, see the steaming room many naked men, she was immediately stunned turn around and go back. It is estimated that at this time she was also awake from the wine!

A few days later, the campaign to clean up the class ranks began, Lei Yu was taken away from home by the dictatorial team, it turned out that some of the girls who were partying together had reported her. Lei Yu was first paraded through the streets and later sentenced to seven years in prison for hooliganism.

I have always despised and hated snitching, what kind of education instigates, can make underage teenagers, and even close hair classmates become informers? I was also reported by a classmate shortly after the Cultural Revolution began, because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and argued with him that “Red Rock is a fictional novel, not a true story!” Afterwards, my father warned me severely, “You want to get your whole family killed! How can you go out and say what you say at home?”

The son of a family in X County, Anhui Province, reported his mother’s “reactionary words” at home, and the mother was taken away and shot, and the son spent his life in torment and remorse.

Lei Yu sat in prison for seven years, due to the crime of hooliganism and the history of imprisonment, after release from prison Lei Yu thin and low self-esteem spirit depressed. In the early 1990s, Lei Yu and her husband were laid off, and the family was deprived of financial resources, and her son failed to get into college and find a job. In 1997, Lei Yu committed suicide by lying on the tracks at the age of 45.

Lei Yu is really unlucky! I know a woman the same age as Lei Yu, she also broke into a men’s bathhouse, is the wrong door in the shower, she told me to walk in to see a large group of naked men, she froze for a few seconds to react, and then scared to run out. This woman later went to the University of Labor and Peasants, the Department of Political Education, ABCD has not been recognized, did not prevent her from being assigned to the party and government agencies to do cadres, than the treatment of laid-off workers in enterprises do not know how many times stronger! Are Wuhu people oh, you have to believe in life.

And thunderstorm, a crazy play as a teenager, was put on the “female hooligan” hat in jail, from then on ruined life.

02: Female hooligan husband is a male hooligan

In addition to the officially convicted female hooligans Lei Yu, at that time, Wuhu various schools of female high school students, the most famous female hooligan group called “thirteen tai-po”. Among my classmates in Wuhu No. 1 Middle School, there was a female student surnamed P who often hung out with these female hooligans in the society. Her parents were then capitalists who were being fought and had no time to take care of their children, so the P girl carried her backpack to school every day to make a face-to-face, sometimes not even a face-to-face, and spent her days with the social hooligans.

Many years later, in 1983, I was shocked to hear that P’s husband had committed suicide by taking poison! I happened to know her husband – P’s husband is an acquaintance of my family grassroots cadres of the son of C, C demobilized as a soldier in a hospital as a driver, a thin C son is not high only 1 m 6 a few, rumors C because the head of the army’s daughter to get laid, the head of the angry demobilization of its. The C is a master of love, before marriage, he used the name of love to the hospital nurses engaged in several.

In 1983, when the “crackdown” began, C was reported to have had sexual relations with a number of nurses in the hospital, and the public security authorities went to the hospital to investigate, the female nurses who had an affair with C denied it, and only the silly P woman was knocked up and had to marry C. In 1983, the “crackdown” began, and C was The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The P woman is destined to be involved with the word “hooligan” in her life, and her hat is false when she was in high school, but her husband’s hat is a male hooligan.

In 1983, the “severe crackdown” was a product of the campaign, and even Marshal Zhu De’s own grandson, Zhu Guohua, was shot for hooliganism, and C chose to commit suicide because the situation forced him to do so. It seems unbelievable to young men and women nowadays – having sex with a woman in the name of romance was punishable by jail in 1983 during the “strict crackdown”, even for unmarried singles. The famous movie star, Chi Chi Keung, was arrested and imprisoned for having sexual relations with several romantic partners.

The most injustice is an elementary school classmate of my brother, he is a suburban vegetable farming team, when rural men and women in a piece of labor like to talk dirty jokes and joking around, wipe some oil on the woman, my brother’s classmate twenty-something young man with a middle-aged woman jokingly planting her pants down. The woman wanted the young man to give 5 yuan as compensation, the elementary school classmate of my brother could not afford to pay the 5 yuan ignored the woman, but the middle-aged woman wanted money to lard up the heart, really the young man to the “rape”, originally just want to blackmail some money to spend, the verdict down to let the crowd dumbfounded: because it is a period of strict crackdown The verdict was that the young man was shot immediately, without even giving a chance to plead his case. ……

Next, the story of the female youth

03: Two “bitter gourds” on a vine

J, the daughter of a famous writer in the provincial capital, is a young woman. The famous writer divorced his spouse and married his wife when he became popular before the Cultural Revolution, and became the target of criticism during the Cultural Revolution. J’s family composition is not good and her body is too weak to do farm work, and she has no parental care.

In the place where J was deported, a rightist doctor, Dr. M, who was originally a doctor at Wuhu District Hospital, accidentally became the youngest rightist in Anhui at the age of 19 in 1957 when the rightist movement was opposed. One was the daughter of a Black Five literati, and the other was a rightist doctor over 30 years old, and inadvertently this pair of lonely men and women came face to face.

According to Dr. M’s recollection, although he was a rightist, he had a salary after all, which was dependable and secure for J, who had no labor and no financial resources. They also want to play the marriage license, but because of his rightist status, the commune does not approve the marriage delayed, the two of them first in private and then simply live together.

One unmarried and one unmarried, two single young people living together made a big deal – Dr. M who almost got shot!

In 1971, China issued document No. 26, requiring all places to resolutely combat class enemies who sabotage the rural areas, any rape of female intellectual youth, are to be severely punished according to the law; cadres using their authority to commit crimes should be removed from office to investigate and deal with; harboring and encouraging criminals, to give strict disciplinary action. The youth departments of various places have issued documents to implement the spirit of the document, and dealt with a number of cases of destruction of female intellectual youths.

The commune where the female youth J and Dr. M were working, took Dr. M to the commune and tied him up, not only to label him as a “rapist”, but also to vent his personal anger (he had problems with Dr. M), and to make Dr. M’s case a quick one, so that he would be brought to justice as soon as possible.

The poor girl, J, became the lamb of the task force, and every day she was persuaded to give an account of the problems of men and women, not to mention that she had to identify Dr. M as a rapist. The company’s main goal was to get the company to do the same thing as it had done before.

Dr. M shut in the commune to call the day not to ask the ground not to spirit, very afraid that J can not carry the blind confession that only one way to die. The female youth J is still very conscientious, she flatly said that she seduced Dr. M and was his own initiative to give him a hug, that era, women say that they are simply self-indulgent shameless, but the only way to save Dr. M a life!

The female intellectuals J did not change their minds so that the dictatorial team could do nothing, and Dr. M picked up a life before the ghost gate.

04: The story of two young women from Shanghai

In a commune in Langxi County, Wuhu region, a group of deported youths were arranged, including those from Shanghai, the provincial capital, Wuhu and the county. My classmate, F, depicted the two Shanghai women Zhiqing in this way: Besides speaking Shanghainese, the two women Zhiqing were extremely ordinary looking and even a little bit inferior in face value, others ignored them (including other Zhiqing from Shanghai) and they ignored others.

Soon rumors spread from the local, the original two Shanghai female youth lived to the village two bachelors home. The youths were very disdainful of the shame, especially the Shanghai youths who did not take them to play.

Now I think that everything has a reason, the two female youth or because of the same situation to recognize the same to come together, there must be for people do not know the hardship. The two bachelors in the village also have a reason, F students said that the youth in rural areas, most of the bachelors because of the composition of the bad can not marry a wife, a good family daughter who would like to be the family of the four types of members of discrimination for life! All in all, the two Shanghai female youths lived in two rural bachelor’s home by themselves.

The document of the sabotage of the mountain down to the countryside to crack down, did not see the commune those who use their power to mooch off the young people’s luck, but heard that the commune to two bachelors arrested and tied to the commune to be imprisoned, a time the village is abuzz, in the remote rural areas of such a big thing but shaken the four towns and eight neighbors.

I heard that the two Shanghai female youths are pregnant, bitter and crooked every day to walk more than 30 miles to the commune to run to plead. The family’s pig field crop work neglected to take care of, see the belly day by day, not only the villagers and even the original disdain for the two youth, also moved to compassion, why? It’s important to give people a way to live, right?

In the winter and summer, the sun is hot, with a big belly of the two female youth to run the commune, dozens of trips a few months down, finally one day, the female youth to come to visit the F students said: “My man is back.”

The couple of F students were placed in that village, the couple often remembered the two Shanghai women Zhiqing, it is estimated that after the reform and opening up they should be the first people in the village to get rich, but I hope that the two Shanghai women Zhiqing culture can bear hardship after the day is happy.

05: The female youths who can’t be washed

The Red Star Brigade in Dangtu County, Wuhu District, was a national model, and a female youth there was abused by the cadres of the commune. The central document county commune did not dare to cover up, sent a task force to investigate, an investigation down I’m afraid it’s not a problem of the female youth, I do not know how many female youth the pervert actually engaged, anyway, the commune finally issued a document, all the local female youth all preferential return to the city.

The female youth can all return to the city early is a happy thing, but later on not happy. When it comes to marriage, a talk is placed under the red star when Tu, the matchmaker men are gloomy no interest. Gossip kill ah! In those days, where in the rural areas to join the party’s promotion of female youth, mentioned is “Hongdong County, no good people”, the road to marriage are very bumpy.

06: The story of a female Zhiqing who became an official

Nanling County, there is a devolved female youth, compared with the big city female youth she is very good at things, was the leadership of the commune to promote the commune women’s director.

It is said that her family is very proud of such a talent in the small county, and her parents said everywhere that they saw a phoenix when they gave birth to their daughter, so she was destined to be an official. This woman really official luck, all the way from the commune to the county to the city, official to Wuhu area X hospital party secretary.

To Wuhu City to do official, the woman has 30 several not married.

Someone came to my mother-in-law’s house to propose her marriage, my mother-in-law was very happy that her old superior (my mother-in-law was the director of the brigade women when the woman was the director of the commune women) was willing to come to be his daughter-in-law, what an honor! My mother-in-law is not an ordinary rural woman, my father-in-law was killed while delivering letters to the New Fourth Army, and after liberation there was a red martyr’s certificate issued by the government, my mother-in-law is illiterate but very old, the governor was introduced to the party by her. That day, my mother-in-law’s family was discussing the marriage of my brother-in-law. I took a stand and said, “I don’t care if she marries your family, but I affirm that I will not deal with her.” The first time I heard my statement, I told my mother that he didn’t want this woman!

We all know that the official female youth has a bad reputation, it is said to have an affair with the commune secretary to come up, with the commune secretary promoted, she also followed the promotion – this one let the men discouraged.

The official woman has been to over forty years still can not get married, until one day she near the man was reported, revealed the fact that he and the official woman adultery for a long time, was dismissed from the municipal organization department transferred out of a regional bureau chief’s post, from this official woman Zhiqing also ended the hope of marriage.

I don’t know if this official girl is lucky or unlucky? In order to be an official and a dozen years older than their own old man wasted a decade or two, and finally ended up a lifetime unmarried.

In 2021, before the March 8 Women’s Day, I would like to dedicate this article to our generation of women one by one bitter and heavy memories of youth.