The Crossroads of the “Graveyard of Empires” -Where to go from here in Afghanistan

Recently, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen claimed in a media interview that he sees China as a friend of Afghanistan and welcomes China’s participation in investing in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. “We have been to China many times, and we have good relations with them.” The spokesman’s words immediately caused a great reaction around the world, and Hu Xijin, who is known as a master of gripping the plate, immediately claimed: “Know the steadiness and power of Chinese diplomacy, right?!” Hu Xijin’s courage to grip this plate also shows the truth – it turns out that the Chinese Communist Party and the Taliban are really old friends!

Because of the history of repeatedly let the powerful empire sink, Afghanistan has gained an alias: the empire grave. In fact, it is not only because of the Afghan people’s bravery and ruthlessness, but also for geopolitical reasons. Located at the intersection of Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia and on the main road, it has become a place where soldiers must compete with each other, and has also become a place where the great powers compete with each other for majestic growth. The Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan in the last century, and there was certainly support from West Asia and the West behind the resistance; while the U.S. war against terrorism in Afghanistan for twenty years, the reason why it could not win all and quickly, is there not support from the Chinese Communist Party and Russia behind? We have long seen the end from Suhail’s honest statement – one of the sorrows of weak countries is that they often become the plaything of big countries and are used without knowing it. That’s why the U.S. is pulling back from this quagmire so quickly. Catching the thief first and finding the real enemy behind it is the key to winning the war!

The Chinese Communist Party is nothing new even if it has done this kind of things across the mountain, anti-American aid to North Korea, aid to Vietnam and France, anti-American aid to Vietnam, aid to Pakistan and India… It can be said that it has turned its hand into a cloud and turned its hand into rain, stirring up the neighboring countries, in fact, to satisfy the selfish interests of one party. In addition, the CCP has a long list of “old friends of the Chinese people”: the Jin family, Castro, Gaddafi, Saddam, Amin, etc., which is simply the home base of terrorists. The Chinese Communist Party will continue to cause trouble around the world, distracting the U.S. and even trapping the U.S. in different quagmires, thus not freeing up its efforts to solve the real problems.

The U.S. and its Western allies have been operating in Afghanistan for two decades and have indeed made some military gains, however, attempts to establish a free and democratic government with universal values in Afghanistan have largely fallen flat on their faces. This is because freedom and democracy have to be pursued by an enlightened people, not easily granted by outsiders. Although the Taliban have concluded some agreements with the U.S. and announced that they will no longer support al-Qaeda, it is likely that this is a momentary commitment by the Taliban, not the intention, and not the content of the organization’s platform document. Then, once the U.S. and NATO allies have completely withdrawn from Afghanistan, the political vacuum left behind will be filled by the Chinese Communist Party, which has long been adept at this tactic, playing the carrot-and-stick game to perfection over the years. Most likely, Afghanistan will become the second North Korea, another trump card for the CCP to divert the world’s attention. The name of the CCP’s entry into Afghanistan can be in a completely economic sense: building roads, investment, Belt and Road, opening mines, no, the Taliban are already throwing themselves at the CCP!

Yet the CCP is in no way for the well-being of the Afghan people. The Chinese Communist Party’s economic development in their own country also did not bring human rights to the people, bring green mountains and a green environment, can it bring happiness and beauty to the Afghan people in Afghanistan? However, the world situation can be said to change in an instant, and we are about to see the curtain of the West’s unanimous confrontation with the CCP really open, and by then, the Afghan people will still have the chance to make the final choice.