The most perfunctory scenic spot in the country: the wooden horse is still turning

In Zhengzhou, there is an amusement park that netizens call “the most perfunctory scenic spot in China”. But surprisingly, after a year of abandonment, it is “back from the dead”.

Built in 2004, Zhengzhou Century Fun Park was once called the world’s first train culture amusement park. Visitors can ride the train, enjoy the exotic atmosphere, in the Dutch windmills, Arabian fortress and Egyptian pyramids in a day back and forth.

However, after the Century Fun Park closed in April 2020 due to the expiration of the contract, the place became a remnant of bricks and mortar. But the amazing thing is that today the amusement park’s power-off carousel is still turning and the headless train is still running. Crowds came from all directions to revive the amusement park.

People come in from all directions

Century Fun Park closed, leaving seven or eight security guards on duty. At first, their responsibility was to strictly keep anyone out, but that task is becoming increasingly impossible. They can now only try to ensure that there is no large-scale damage to the park. One security guard told China Newsweek, “There are just too many people coming in to prevent it.”

Initially, a child sneaked in. The amusement park was originally enclosed by a tin fence, but the children soon discovered that the tin was fragile and “could be kicked away”, and the tin fence was sandwiched between white plastic foam. Until now, the children are still the focus of attention of the security guards.

After the mouth is opened, the next can not be pocketed. The number of people slipping into the park is increasing, Jitterbug, Raptor, Little Red Book and other social media, began to appear about the “card” the abandoned playground strategy, which has the widest impact The most widespread influence is the Shake Sound short video blogger “Internet cafe God of War Xiao Junjie”.

He and a few friends even lived in the train facilities here, day and night, going to Internet cafes overnight, sleeping in the sleeper cars of the train during the day, showing their lives in the ruins to netizens by recording Shake Video.

The video received 154,000 likes, and the owner of the video called the abandoned equipment he was living in as a “luxury train sleeper”.

More and more people are attracted to it. Many people simply strutted through the gate, the main gate of Century Joy Park was broken open by who knows who, above the door coiled up barbed wire and barbed wire, a U-shaped lock barely maintained, not to let the door gap infinite expansion.

But people still have a way. Above the doorway was a U-shaped lock to keep a deadlock, but the bottom still opened a channel for one person at a time, half crouched, sideways, from the barbed wire and thorns into the drill.

The barrier enclosed by iron plates was also ineffective, and someone had used a graffiti pen to write the playful slogan on the white iron plates, “hasta la victoria siempre “. This is Che Guevara’s slogan, which means “until eternal victory”.

Today, every morning, old ladies with nothing to do come here at the earliest. They push their cradle carts, always in pairs – because to carry them in, they need a companion at the other end of the gate to get in. “This used to be a place where only children came to play, and the fees could be high. “One old lady told China Newsweek, “Now that no one is in charge, we just come in and sneak around every day. “

Not many people enter the park for a walk in the morning. People mainly move around in a huge square at the entrance. The well-preserved merry-go-round always attracts a lot of people, even though it is surrounded by a rubble and garbage pile of ruins, interspersed with bright green broken bottles, faded clothes, and bird carcasses soaked in puddles.

Although this is the most prominent place at the entrance of the amusement park, it does not really come alive until dusk, when the children are out of school. The carousel has been disconnected, to turn up, you need at least three adults to do the “human generator”, together to push the pillar, the carousel will turn up. A young man playing said, “At first it is difficult to push up, but as long as the force a little longer, turned up with inertia, it is much less effort. “

There is a huge black tripod in the center of the Century Fun Park. When the sun goes down, the open space around the black tripod due to good sound transmission, there will be residents dragged speakers and microphones, selling karaoke singing popular love songs, “My happiness is to think of you, life beating for you, waiting to meet again … …”

Around the black tripod, many train cars were placed scatteredly. Residents nearby told China Newsweek that these trains were once “real trains” and were brought here after being eliminated. Among these scrap trains, the most famous is a dark green section of the “Song Qingling Special Train”.

According to historical records, the “Song Qingling special train” had two cars, each about 22 meters long. The Japanese built this train in the Northeast in 1940 for the use of the then Japanese government. After liberation, it was adjusted to serve as the government’s official car. The train was used for a period of time as a special train for leaders such as Song Qingling and was honorably decommissioned in 1997, and in 2004, after much effort, it came to Century Joy Park.

Today, it has become a place for young people to pose and create photography. The peeling yellow walls and dark green seats seem to be placed in the retro filter of the last century. In the narrow train aisle, there is always a situation where two photography teams “meet” each other.

Many of the train’s window panes have been shattered by weather and vandalism, and there is even red graffiti on the door frames at the front of the train. Around the train, the newly dressed photographic models, always looking for a good angle, with the right smile.

Century Joy Park sinking history

Spring Festival in 2004, Zhengzhou Century Joy Park opened to welcome guests that day, the body is full of dazzling labels – “the world’s first, China’s only large train culture theme park “”A cultural theme park that integrates the exploration of train culture and the feeling of Disney joy “”Zhengzhou Municipal Government key project construction project”.

At that time, the admission price of 160 yuan was not cheap. In Zhengzhou more than a decade ago, it was equivalent to half a week’s salary for many citizens. Nevertheless, according to media reports at the time, the daily traffic of Zhengzhou Century Fun Park at that time exceeded 10,000 people, and the traffic of the park exceeded 600,000 people in the year of its opening. After a complete renovation in 2010, the number of visitors received in 2013 even exceeded one million.

This was once the high moment of Zhengzhou Joy Park.

In April 2020, due to the expiration of the contract, the scenic area door posted a “deadline to move out (clearance) notice”. The notice said that the Century Fun Park will soon be closed and transformed into a public park, no longer contracted to operate, please tenants in April 25, 2020 will be a variety of belongings cleaned up and moved out, the place will be restored to its original state, moved out of the corresponding site.

People just realized that this once glorious Century Fun Park is really over.

Now, some netizens see people enter the Century Fun Park after a variety of strange play, lamented: “think back to the year a ticket is hard to find, through these images to know that the original Century Fun Park has closed down, like a change of sea. “

The official website of Zhengzhou City shows that the Century Park renovation and upgrading project has completed the design bidding, renamed “Zhengzhou City Century Park”. It is said that it will be upgraded to a comprehensive urban park, planned to be completed in 2023.