heroes have a hard time getting past the dog food barrier

Today, I’m going to put down the Western Tour, because I was turning over the Water Margin, I was inadvertently caught by a detail.

Lin Chong’s wife was harassed by Gao Nei, Lu Zhishen with 20 to 30 kooks rushed to the scene, Lin Chong saw him, suddenly asked a question.

“Brother, where to go?”

See here, I believe Lu Zhishen is the first in the water marsh internal strength, because he actually did not vomit out a mouthful of old blood, but very seriously answer this extremely “shallow wisdom” problem: “I’ll help you fight!

“I’ll help you fight!”

Ming just two people will spark, on the spot worship, “just before drinking three cups”, the girl Jin’er to report that his wife was harassed in the temple, Lin Chong first time to go to save his wife, in a panic, leaving a sentence: “but again to look at the brother, not to blame, not to blame! He had just left, Lu Zhishen gathered people to arrive after the foot.

Then you ask a “brother where to go”?

Why don’t you say goodbye to it.

Thanks to the generosity of Lu Zhishen, very cooperative answer, I came to help you do battle ah. Lin Chong just explained.

“The original is my officer high lieutenant’s court, do not recognize the Jing woman, time rude. Lin Chong was going to beat that guy up, the lieutenant face must not look good. Since ancient times: not afraid of officials, only afraid of control. Lin Chong does not eat his invitation to suffer, and let him this time.”

Oh, my big hero ah, first of all, for the ngai defense, said he did not know that is my wife before molestation, the implication is justifiable; then for the sake of the leadership, if the son in public because of sexual harassment was beaten, certainly very humiliated; finally just for their own explanation, no way, he managed me ah, who let me eat their family meals, this time forget it.

The original sentence should be copied three times: not to eat his treats, not to eat his treats, not to eat his treats.

Not appropriate: not appropriate. The point is that “please suffer”, what do you mean, Gao Zizi often invite Lin Chong to dinner?

Of course not.

Please suffer, is the salary, salary, brackets, including performance bonuses.

For the sake of this salary, his wife was harassed by the leader’s son, Lin Chong I put up with it.

I would like to know, at this moment, Lin Niangzi inwardly how to think, is as always, adore, love this top “eight hundred thousand forbidden army leader” aura of heroic husband, instant understanding of his patience, and even thank him for this “please suffer” and let the harasser The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem, and to thank him for the future of the family’s years of peace and quiet. …… Or, somewhere inside, something is collapsing.

So, Lin Chong’s “please suffer” is very high?

The specific novel did not say, but one thing can provide reference, is the next he was dug out to buy a knife, a hand is a thousand Guan, without blinking an eye.

As the head of the forbidden army, there must be no shortage of weapons, so buying a sword is either a necessity or a luxury.

What is the concept of 1,000 Guan?

According to the price of rice in the Northern Song Dynasty, a consistent can buy a stone of high quality rice, a stone of rice at that time is almost 60 kilograms now. One thousand Guan, one thousand stones, is 60 tons of high-quality rice.

You can do the math for yourself.

If you think the novel is exaggerated, let’s look at the history. The military expenses of the two Song dynasties have always been high, Renzong, Yingzong, Shenzong three famous minister Chen Xiang, in his “on redundant military journal” said: “Zhiping two years (1065), the world into the financial use of the large number of about 60 million coins, the cost of raising troops about 50 million, is six of the money, the military accounted for five.”

Almost a hundred years later, Zhu Xi said in the Zhu Zi Yixin: “The shortage of money in this dynasty all starts from raising soldiers, eight out of ten is to raise soldiers, other expenses stop in two.”

This 100 years, the Northern Song Dynasty to the Southern Song Dynasty, military spending accounted for the proportion of the national treasury, basically unchanged, are in about 80%.

Although, high military expenditure is not equal to high income of soldiers, but the head of the army how to say is the army middle-level cadres, “please suffer” certainly not low.

There is another point, Lin Chong’s money, it is impossible to be embezzled, otherwise, Goliath wants to get him, directly in the name of corruption to him on the line, there is really no need to hire actors to dig a pit to sell knives, in case he does not buy or buy after not brought to the White Tiger Festival Hall, the play is not a waste of time.

It can be seen that the system’s high income, it is Lin Chong in the face of humiliation chose to hold back the fundamental reason.

This, the other side also see clearly, Gao Nei’s helper Fu An, in to Gao Nei stumped Lin Chong said: “Nei fear Lin Chong is a good man, dare not bully him, this no harm. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

The so-called no money to defeat the hero, what good man not good man, do not be afraid, he is now under your father as an officer, enjoy the monthly “big treat big suffer”, which dare to confront with your family.

The control is deadly.

You see he was sent before the dead or alive to write a letter of repudiation to his wife, you really think he is for the sake of his wife? To put it bluntly, but for self-preservation, just like the exile to the river curtain general, the heart can not forget, is reinstated, is to re-enjoy the “please suffer”, so to endure so many villainous insults and torture.

Imagine, if Lin Niangzi is not so rigid, but to Lin Chong completely disappointed, committed to high nga, high family will no longer have to chase Lin Chong, Lin Chong has the opportunity to return to the system embrace, and then when Gao Zizi ministry, he must be a hundred happy. If you meet your ex-wife again somewhere, you will certainly respectfully call out “sister-in-law good” or “Mrs. Gao good”.

Think about Wu Dalang, know that his wife and Simon Qing on, in order to maintain the dignity of men, knowing that “three inch nail” simply can not beat Simon Qing, death also want to rush in to catch adultery, the results really pay for this life – in the end who is the real man, the real hero?

And then look at the appearance of another great hero with Lin Chong before and after.

Yang Zhi.

General family descendants, martial arts origin, had been to the Palace of marshal system, the original is also under Gaozizi, because of the loss of the flower stone platform and lost official, want to Tokyo to seek reinstatement, passing through the Liang Shan Po, and the eager to be named Lin Chong do not fight, refused the invitation of the Liang Shan good man to fall grass, back to Tokyo up and down the point, the savings spent, the result was driven out of the Palace of Gaozizi, living on the streets, had to sell the family sword, and by the rogue Niu Er bullying. In a fit of rage, he killed Niu Er, and was pricked and assigned to the Daimyo House ……

It seems that Yang Zhi is a little more bloodthirsty than Lin Chong, but also a little more Man, such a person, in the officialdom has been hammered, should have long seen through all the officialdom of the dirty, rose up in revolt, even if the lie flat from now on, but he did not, to the Daimyo House, still shows the enigma of fascination with the system.

The governor Liang Zhongshu is the son-in-law of the great traitor Cai Jing, see Yang Zhi good, to give him some small favors, Yang Zhi, as the famous loyalist Yang family, regardless of Liang Zhongshu is a traitorous party, “in the Liang Zhongshu House, morning and evening, attentive, at your service.

What is the figure? It is not the same as before he spent money up and down in Tokyo, in order to return to the system.

When Liang Zhongshu wanted to give him a little more sweetness, said to him: “I have the intention to promote you to be a military deputy, monthly support a point please accept, only I do not know how your martial arts?” He hurriedly said he was proficient in all 18 martial arts, and then began to lick his knees again: “Today, I am honored by the minister of grace, as if the clouds see the sun. If Yang Zhi gains an inch, he will be rewarded with a ring and a saddle.”

The army deputy, the lowest level of officers, about the same as today’s deputy squad leader (also said deputy battalion level), and his original “Palace Marshal system envoy” is several levels, but Yang Zhi does not care at all, as long as there is “please accept” can be supported, the great hero will be grateful, “when the service ring back saddle. “When the effect of the saddle of the ring”, is willing to give you as a horse, go through fire.

The twelfth book, wrote Yang Zhi in order to be the deputy squad leader, and the original deputy squad leader Zhou Zhuan match that scene, the more exciting the scene, the more sad it looks. Two big men, for a “please suffer”, not hesitate to fight for life and death, and Liang Zhongshu sitting is like “sitting on the mountain watching the dog fight”, the winner, you can get him to spill the dog food.

In the end, of course, Yang Zhi won, as expected as deputy head of the class, so, “in the middle of the month and a point please suffer, since gradually people to get to know him”. However, fate soon played a joke on him: he once again folded in the leadership of the gift on the Beijing, although this time the name is “birth”, but also equal to, in the same place fell twice.

The salary is compared to dog food, not to “big heroes” are mean, there is a more vivid call in the book.

The twenty-ninth, Wu Song was assigned to Mengzhou, the management of the camp’s son Shi En in order to fool him to help retrieve the fast woods, want to worship him as a brother, Wu Song heard, said: “I am young and uneducated, how dare to accept the small management of the courtesy of the camp? In vain, Wu Song’s straw!”

Here the “straw”, is also a humble way to call Bong Lu, salary, are livestock to eat.

Unlike the three Ruan brothers, who were born at the bottom to make a living, Lin Chong or Yang Zhi, these “great heroes” from the system, time and again for the “please accept”, “straw “and bend, they are forced to Liang Shan, not because of awareness, not because of resistance, but because of the “please accept” completely desperate.

So to speak, no matter how long in arrears, but where there is a little “grass”, who do not want to go to the Liang Shan.

Therefore, Gaozizi, Cai Jing completely see through this, until the eightieth, Gaozizi was captured alive on the Liang Shan, those who were framed by him heroes, Lin Chong, Yang Zhi, etc., not only did not a person come forward to take revenge, and even in Song Jiang led, “the head will be worshiped, the mouth said death”. So Gao Zizi’s fear was allayed and he once again fooled around with “please accept”, but this time renamed it “Tian Lu”: “Song Gong Ming, don’t worry!

Song Gongming, you and other rest assured! Gao Mou back to the court, will be replayed, please descend grace amnesty, come to recruit, heavy rewards and additional officials, the size of the righteous, all eat the heavenly Lu, as a good minister.

Once again sprinkled dog food. So, “Song Jiang listened to the great joy, thanks to the lieutenant. The same day the feast will …… size chiefs, take turns to put the marshmallow, attentive to persuade “.

Yes, this is also considered “the hand when the hand”, only, their hand is not to help justice, but to hold the high zizi, to facilitate their own more comfortable position to kneel licking.