22 people make up to 180,000 a year! Biden White House personnel spending “the most expensive in U.S. history”

The White House submitted its “Annual Personnel Report” to Congress on January 1, stating that the White House under Biden’s rule employs 567 people with a total annual salary of more than $49.6 million, estimating that personnel expenses for the four-year term will exceed $200 million; after taking inflation into account, it is $164 million higher than Trump’s four-year term, and Obama’s first four-year term Biden’s first term of White House personnel spending will be “the most expensive in U.S. history”.

Comprehensive U.S. “Forbes” magazine, “Bloomberg” and “Associated Press” reported on the 1st, after Biden took office at the end of January to quickly fill the White House personnel, the current employees have reached 567 people, Trump and Obama’s White House under the same period of time, the number of employees were 377 and 487 people.

Biden’s White House staff, about 60%, more than 300 women, with a total annual salary of about $ 28.9 million, while men are more than 200 people, with a total annual salary of about $ 20.8 million. Among them, the difference in pay between men and women is about 1%, with women earning an average salary of $93,752 and men $94,639; in comparison, the difference in pay between men and women in Trump’s White House in the first year is 37%, and Obama’s White House in the same period is 16%.

It is worth noting that the number of Biden’s direct “assistant to the president” is 22, comparable to the size of Trump’s and Obama’s presidency, while the annual salary of these people reached $180,000, of which 13 are women. White House Chief of Staff RonKlain, Press Secretary Shaki (JenPsaki), National Economic Council (NEC) Chairman Deese (BrianDeese), Interior Committee Chairman Rice (SusanRice) and others are listed.

In addition, the White House epidemic coordinator Qi Anzhi (JeffZients) and the head of the $1.9 trillion bailout plan Spurling (GeneSperling), each with an annual salary of $36,000, is the least paid position in the White House.