True or False? U.S. satellite photos reveal China’s Gansu 119 nuclear launch shafts under construction

The Washington Post cited satellite photos posted on Twitter by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in California, saying that China has discovered about 100 nuclear missile silos and related facilities, including training bases, near the Yumen Pass in the Gansu region. Near the desert, about 100 nuclear ballistic missile silos and related facilities including training bases have been discovered. However, experts warn that China may also be following the U.S. strategy of bullying the enemy during the Cold War to lure them into attacking the wrong targets.

China has been accused of nuclear expansion, with satellite photos revealing 119 nuclear silos under construction in Gansu. China has been found to have more than 100 nuclear ballistic missile silos in the Gansu region near the Yumen Pass desert, according to a new headline report. Satellite photos show a wide range of neatly arranged concentric dots in the desert terrain, numbering as many as 119. The reported location is Yumen Pass in Gansu, China, and the dots are nuclear missile silos under construction. Another photo refers to a large training base or control center 70 meters wide.

The report said that according to researchers at the James Martin Center for the Prohibition of Nuclear Proliferation, China’s massive construction of silos indicates an effort to strengthen its nuclear deterrence capabilities; if added to the silos that intelligence indicates are being built in other parts of China, China would have as many as 145 nuclear ballistic missile silos, but it is unclear whether China intends to install all of them. It is unclear, however, whether China intends to equip all of its silos with nuclear warheads.

The report suggests that China may also be emulating the U.S. strategy of bullying its enemies during the Cold War to lure them into attacking the wrong targets. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) 2021 report, China’s nuclear arsenal has increased by about 10 percent from 320 to 350. However, after deducting sea-based and air-launched bombs, the number of land-based nuclear missiles should be less than 200, and the possibility of a “large-scale” and “concentrated” setup is not high.

The outside world speculates that the nuclear ballistic missile silos currently set up in mainland China are mainly for the launch of land-based “East Wind-41” intercontinental ballistic missile, according to the information revealed so far, “East Wind-41” can carry 10 sub-directed multiple warheads, the maximum The launch from mainland China can hit almost any target on earth. In addition to the silo launch method, there are also road and rail versions to attack targets in a mobile manner.