U.S. media: China-India border military strength reached a new high in decades

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing Indian officials, that China and India have sent tens of thousands of soldiers and high-end military equipment to the border region, with the two countries’ military strength along the border reaching a new high in decades.

The report cited multiple Indian intelligence and military officials as saying that the Chinese military has gradually increased its military strength in the region over the past few months and has now reached at least 50,000, up sharply from about 15,000 a year ago. And the Indian military has countered by sending tens of thousands of additional soldiers and advanced artillery to the border region. They noted that the two countries have also recently built new infrastructure on the ground, including insulated wooden huts and temporary barracks to facilitate the placement of soldiers during the cold winter months.

Indian officials also noted that most of these troop reinforcements are located in the eastern part of Ladakh. Last June, at least 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers were killed in the worst military clashes between the two countries in decades in the area.