Risk “very real”! Pompeo: Wuhan lab fears another poison leak

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pointed out on the U.S. program “FOSS News” that there is no indication that the Wuhan virus laboratory has upgraded security measures and that it is still in operation and that there is a very real risk that other viruses could leak in the future.

Pompeo said the outside world is quite aware that the Chinese Communist Party has a strong grip on power and has seen similar situations in the past, so there are people in China with a troubled conscience who have watched the government cover up facts, watched doctors die in strange circumstances, seen journalists “disappear” and found many things that make their sense of morality. They also found many incidents that deeply troubled their sense of morality.

Pompeo said, “I don’t think the Chinese Communist Party can do this cover-up forever, and it may take us months, it may take us years, and I think we’ll get answers to our questions eventually, but we have to ask China, and we have to work aggressively on this.”

Pompeo stressed that every U.S. citizen should have to understand what is going on, and we need a bipartisan effort in Congress to get this information for the American people and the world, and that the Wuhan lab is still in operation, “I have not seen any indication that the lab has improved security measures, and the risk of another virus leak is very real, and we need to know that the Wuhan pneumonia virus (COVID-19, a novel coronavirus disease) whether it came from this lab.”