1.77 million kilometers per hour! New study finds giant ‘black hole storm’ moving at high speed

One of the main authors of the study, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan scholar Takuma Izumi, said that supermassive black holes swallow a large amount of material, when these substances due to the gravitational force of the black hole and began to move at high speed, will release strong energy, can push the surrounding material outward, the galactic wind is so generated, and this is the first time the scientific community observed than the Sun’s mass of hundreds of millions of times the black hole driving the galactic wind.

The study points out that each galaxy and the black hole, through some kind of physical interaction to “grow” and “evolve” together, the huge black hole-driven galactic wind will affect the development of stars, larger galactic wind will affect the growth of the entire galaxy, and scientists do not yet How do galaxies and supermassive black holes co-evolve?” More observations and analyses are needed to find the answer.