Australian Labor Party leader: Australia and China have different values, the wild dynasty to protect the national interest

The leader of Australia’s largest opposition party, the Labor Party, Mr. Albanese, said in a speech at the National Press Club that even if the Labor Party were in power, it would still defend Australia’s interests because the Chinese government had made many decisions that were contrary to Australia’s interests.

Australia’s relationship with China has deteriorated at an accelerated rate since April last year when the federal government launched an international investigation into the origins of the outbreak. Since then, exports of Australian barley, beef, wine, coal and other products to China have been blocked, and Australia has repeatedly accused China of “economic coercion”.

Although Australian Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese once criticized the Australian federal government for being too tough on China, for example, in early June, he said that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was stimulating China for his personal political interests, and that Defense Minister Petter Dutton’s anti-China remarks were inciting Australian nationalism. However, he admitted in a speech at the National PressClub that Australia must defend Australia’s interests in the face of China’s actions against Australia, even if it is ruled by the Labor Party.

“The Australian FinancialReview reported on July 3 that the content of Ebenez’s speech implied that

Even if the Labor Party wins the upcoming election and the Australian federal government changes parties again, the relationship between Australia and China will continue to deteriorate in the short term.

My view is that Australia should always defend its own national interests, its own sovereignty and human rights,” Ebenez said. “

Ebannis mentioned: “For the South China Sea, (China) for the treatment of Uighurs, Hong Kong and a series of other issues, Australia’s parties in any case is no disagreement. “

Ebannis said, “(Australia) as a democracy, we have different values from China.” He re-emphasized that this is the unanimous view of Australia’s two camps, in power and in opposition.

Ebenez noted that he supports U.S. President Joe Biden’s “CompetitionWithoutCatastrophe” line.

Ebenez admits that Australia cannot stand aside from the competition between the two powers, the United States and China; Australia has chosen to align itself with the United States years ago when the Labor Party was in power.