Russia’s new deaths from the epidemic have reached a record high for 5 days in a row

Russia today reported 697 new deaths from coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), the most deaths in a single day in Russia since the global pandemic broke out last March, and the new deaths are a record high for the fifth day in a row.

Russia’s epidemic prevention team announced that the largest number of 24,439 new cases have been confirmed since the beginning of January this year, including 7,446 in the capital Moscow, where local officials blame the COVID-19 variant Delta, which was first discovered in India, for the intensification of the epidemic in Russia.

But the outbreak in Russia has grown more severe since mid-June because many people are reluctant to get vaccinated and can’t trust homemade vaccines.

Russia has a total population of 146 million, and so far only 16 percent have been vaccinated.

In order to strengthen the population’s resistance to the mutated strain of the virus, a third dose of the vaccine has been added to those who have received the second dose for more than six months in Moscow since January.

According to official data, there are 5.5 million confirmed cases and 137,262 cumulative deaths in Russia so far.