CNN was acid “Xi NN” experts say the U.S. media too much touted China’s party celebration

China has been celebrating its centennial with much fanfare and coverage in the U.S. media, but experts are concerned that some U.S. media coverage is glorifying China too much at a time when the U.S. and China are in the midst of a tense confrontation.

FOSS News reported that CNN was recently derided as “Xi-NN” for portraying Xi Jinping as the real star of the party celebration, and ABC published news about China’s party celebration, using the light-hearted term “PARTY TIME The ABC also published news about China’s party celebrations, using such light-hearted terms as “Party Time”.

The report criticized the China-appealing coverage from liberal media and tech giants, using the new narrative shaped by the platform to portray the positive side of China, but downplaying the darker side of human rights abuses, which noted American political writer Gordon Chang questioned as a result of the many media outlets trying to do business with China.

Gordon Chang is concerned that while American society is already facing a crisis, the media has no sense of patriotism, while the other side’s Chinese media is controlled by the party and will continue to promote the party line, he said. They don’t understand the most fundamental elements of society and patriotism.